Sewage Treatment

Salient Features:-

  • Up to 90-95% reduction in BOD and COD load

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Effective organic waste degradation

  • Generates minimum sludge

  • No modification required in existing plant

  • Curtails foul odour

  • Can handle variable shock loads

  • Complete odour control in the vicinity of the treatment plant

In the backdrop of super consumerism, an inordinate increase in the volume of waste generation has been witnessed. This puts immense pressure on the existing sewage treatment plants to facilitate the removal of organic pollutant and pathogens from waste water.

Bioclean STP and Clean Maxx STP harbour a consortium of beneficial microbes and multiple enzymes which work in synergy to facilitate the complete degradation of organic wastes in sewage water. Heterogeneous nature of these microbes account for their enhanced biodegrading efficiency. Bioclean STP adorns a rapid mode of action thereby, leading to rapid cleaning of effluent in the sewage treatment plant. A mark reduction in the volume of sludge generated is observed. Consecutively, this advanced microbial technology reduces the COD & BOD levels in sewage treatment plants.

Microbes present in Bioclean STP are able to suppress the production of hydrogen sulphide. Thus, it helps in alleviating the issue of foul odour emission by eliminating its root cause.

Bioclean STP helps in curbing the growth of undesirable pathogens through competitive exclusion! While competing with the pathogens in the sewage for the available nutrients, they also reduce and outnumber the virulent coliforms. The microbes when added in the right amount, dominate the system and do not allow unwanted or pathogenic microbes to proliferate. This ensures that sludge can be disposed of without major post processing,  thereby lowering the overall disposal costs.

Owing to the frequent fluctuations in the physical and chemical conditions of effluent in sewage treatment plant, generic microbes perish. Generic microbes cannot survive in such capricious environment since the adaptation time available is extremely short. Bioclean STP is formulated to handle these variations deftly and perform efficiently in all situations. The facultative nature of microbes attribute to their efficacy in bioremediating any septic condition within the system. The robust microbes in Bioclean STP retain their efficiency even in presence of chemical detergents in sewage water. This technology can be implemented without adorning any major modification in the plant.

  • Up to 95% reduction in BOD & 90% reduction in COD load

  • Reduces secondary sludge in the biological units by up to 50%

  • Effective organic waste degradation

  • Generates minimum sludge as major portion of waste is converted to carbon dioxide and water.

  • Curtails foul odour

  • Can handle variable shock loads

  • Can handle hydraulic loads

  • Lowers operational cost
  • Microbes are facultative in nature thus they can grow either in presence or absence of oxygen

  • Low treatment cost. Increases efficiency of the sewage treatment plant and saves energy costs

  • Sewage treated with Bioclean STP can be used for irrigation purposes or recharging ground water

  • Little or no design or process modifications required

  • Robust microbes’ efficacy is undeterred by the presence of detergents

  • Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and low quantities of use, makes it safe, easy to handle and store

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Our STP collected sewage from the residential and commercial buildings in the neighbourhood. Organica Biotech’s product CleanMaxx, resulted in 95% reduction in ammoniacal nitrogen, 80-85% reduction in the COD and BOD levels of the treatment plant and curtailed the issue of excessive foaming. We are extremely elated with the performance of this product.

– STP Manager in Delhi

Our facility generated 50 m3 of sewage daily. Organica Biotech’s product, Bioclean STP, has resulted in 85-90% reduction in COD and BOD levels, 90% improvement in water clarity and complete elimination of foul odour.

– STP Manager in Vapi, Gujarat
  • How does Bioclean STP work?
    Bioclean STP consists of unique blend of microbes which require nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and trace metals for their survival. They degrade either man-made or natural organic compounds into simple basic products, which serve as energy substrates for their growth. For example, certain bacterial strains utilize petroleum hydrocarbons as energy and food source. These are further converted in to smaller molecules, water and carbon dioxide.

  • Are the microbes used in Bioclean STP genetically modified?
    The microbes used in Bioclean STP are not genetically modified. The microbes used in Bioclean STP are natural isolates, which are selected for their desirable characteristics.

  • Is Bioclean STP safe?
    Bioclean STP microbes are conferred ‘GRAS’ status (Generally Recognized As Safe). The microbes bear no pathogenicity towards animals, plants and humans.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean STP?
    The dosage of Bioclean STP depends on external parameters like pollution, flow and design. Usually the dose varies from 0.5 t o 5 ppm depending upon the waste water treatment plant.

  • Can Bioclean STP control odour?
    Formation of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide is the root cause of foul odour emission. The metabolic pathway of dominating organism also results in aggregation of odourous compounds. Bioclean STP embodies selective strains which aggrandize the degradation of organic compounds without causing any putrefaction along the degradation pathway. These microbes also accelerate the nitrogen cycle. Bioclean STP expedite the conversion of ammonia to nitrites. These nitrite molecules are further converted to nitrate molecules, thereby preventing the release of ammonia gas.

  • Is Bioclean STP a liquid or solid
    Bioclean STP occurs in a powder form.

  • How is Bioclean STP superior than other biological products available in market?
    Bioclean STP provides an array of advantages over other commonly available biological products. These microbes are micro-encapsulated. Hence, these possess an extended shelf life of two years. These are packaged in their dormant stage and are endowed with 95-98% reactivation rates within their shelf life. Bioclean STP consists of well curated and perfectly balanced formula of bacteria which facilitate the complete degradation of diverse organic substances in to non-toxic products.

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