Lake Bioremediation

Salient Features:-

  • An effective natural way to maintain the cleanliness of ponds and lakes

  • Eliminates pond scum and algae

  • Helps to eliminate foul odours

  • Helps in lake/pond deepening

  • Restores the balance of aquatic ecosystems.(TDS)

Ponds and lakes provide a holistic niche supporting fragile ecosystems. These invaluable water resources confer an aesthetic appeal to the neighborhood. Influx of various intricate pollutants containing organic compounds, nitrates and phosphates, adversely impact the water quality of these water bodies. This has antagonistically impacted the health and well-being of aquatic animals. Escalated concentrations of these pollutants provide an impetus for the growth and proliferation of algae and undesirable weeds, which can lead to eutrophication of lakes and ponds. Algal growth perturbs the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies and interfere with penetration of light. Consecutively, the growth of aquatic organisms is deterred. Incomplete degradation of organic matter leads to the production of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. These compounds contribute to offensive stench.

Chemical agents commonly employed for lake clearing embody several side effects. These hamper the growth of aquatic animals upon prolonged usage. These are temporary measures which are incompetent at degrading the organic matter effectively. Majority of these chemical agents contain metallic ions which deteriorate the water quality in water table.

Advanced biotechnology provides optimum solution to address this issue. Bioclean Pond Clarifier contains a remedial blend of microbes which work in an orchestrated manner to facilitate the complete degradation of organic pollutants present in the water column into simple molecules like water and carbon dioxide. This degradation process doesn’t perturb the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies. The unique amalgamation of microbes present in Bioclean Pond Clarifier rapidly utilize the nitrate and phosphorus nutrients present in water thereby limiting their availability for algal growth. Bioclean Pond Clarifier aid in reversal of eutrophic lake. The balance of aquatic ecosystem is restored upon alleviation of algal source. Increased sunlight penetration improves the photosynthetic activity of aquatic plants. Cumulatively, the overall water quality is enhanced and a mark reduction in sludge build up is witnessed.

Facultative aerobic microbes present in Bioclean Pond Clarifier accelerate the degradation of intricate pollutants. This process is highly efficient in comparison to anaerobic digestion. Complete degradation of pollutants circumvents the release of obnoxious smelling gases like hydrogen sulphide.

Numerous strains secrete polysaccharides which acquit the role of coagulants and aid in lake clearing. These acquit the role of biological dredging, which aids in clearing the pond bottom muck. This can lead to lake deepening. The microbes used in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status and do not pose any untoward threat to the aquatic organisms.

  • An effective and natural way to maintain the cleanliness of ponds and lakes
  • Eliminates pond scum and algae
  • Helps to eliminate foul odours
  • Helps in lake/pond deepening
  • Restores the natural balance in situations where environmental factors have led to unstable and unhealthy water quality conditions
  • It is an all-natural, premium microbial and enzymatic product, especially designed to remove green water and reduce sludge from the lake bed
  • Once applied, it will immediately begin to multiply and work to remove harmful decaying sludge
  • Helps in deepening of water bodies
  • Once the harmful organics and nutrients have been consumed, the by-product of bacterial metabolism is harmless carbon dioxide
  • Helps maintain the fragile aquatic ecosystem
  • Shelf Life is 2 years

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Initially this lake harbored eutrophic conditions with heavy sludge deposits. Upon the usage of Bioclean Pond Clarifier, a significant decline in water parameters like COD and BOD levels was observed. The nitrate and phosphate levels of lake were lowered. Consequently,the growth of the detrimental algae was inhibited. The overall aesthetic appeal of the lake also improved with the use of Bioclean Pond Clarifier.

– Lake Maintenance Authority of one of the lakes in Mumbai

Our artificial pond harbored eutrophic condition and emanated a foul stench. All these issues were alleviated by using Bioclean Pond Clarifier. The treated water is currently used for landscaping and gardening purposes.

– One of the ace race clubs in India
  • How does Bioclean Pond Clarifier work?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier consists of beneficial microbes which produce enzymes capable of breaking down intricate compounds in to simpler compounds which can be used as energy substrates for the growth of microbes. These microbes adhere to solid particles and facilitate their breakdown in to simpler products which can further be dissipated in to different regions. Certain dissolved compounds like ammonia and sulphide, are directly absorbed in the cell. These microbes work in an orchestrated manner to achieve the end objective of complete degradation of diverse pollutants.

  • What happens to microbes once the lake/pond is remediated?
    Microbes in Bioclean STP utilize pollutants as a food source. Organic pollutants are imperative for the growth, development and proliferation of these microbes. As the pollution levels drop, the growth rates of the bacterial population is hampered. They are either killed or remain in dormant stage, in scarce numbers.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean Pond Clarifier genetically engineered?
    The microbes used in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are natural isolates, which are chosen for their desirous qualities. These aren’t genetically modified in any way.

  • Is Bioclean Pond Clarifier safe?
    The microbes used in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are completely safe and bear no pathogenicity towards humans, animals and plants. These are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

  • Is Bioclean Pond Clarifier safe for aquatic organisms in lake and pond?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier ameliorates the environmental conditions of aquatic niche which are vital for the growth of aquatic organisms. These also aid in the removal of sludge, ammonia and other pollutants from the water column.

  • Can Bioclean Pond Clarifier curb the growth of weeds?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier does not target the weeds directly. Weeds do not obtain their nutrition from water column directly rather, these procure their nutrition from the sludge present at the bottom of the lake. Bioclean Pond Clarifier aids in the degradation of pollutants present in sludge. Consequently, the growth of water weeds is inhibited.

  • How does Bioclean Pond Clarifier aid in maintaining water clarity?
    High TSS (Total Suspended Solids) levels account for the cloudy appearance of water bodies. Bioclean Pond Clarifier lowers the TSS (Total Suspended Solids) levels by digesting free-floating matter. These harbour certain microbes which secrete polysaccharides. These polysaccharides further initiate the flocculation of particles in  water column, which eventually settle at the bottom of water resource.

  • How does Bioclean Pond Clarifier regulate the phosphorus levels in water bodies?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Pond Clarifier can absorb small volumes of phosphorus in their cell mass. As a result this, level of phosphorus in water decreases owing to which algal bloom is inhibited. The latter acquits the role of catalyst which aids in cell reproduction and in the production of proteins and enzymes. Bioclean Pond Clarifier also embody certain microbes which secrete metabolities that lock phosphorus and convert it in to unavailable forms.

  • Can Bioclean Pond Clarifier curb odour emission?
    Formation of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide is the root cause of foul odour emission. The metabolic pathway of dominating organism also results in aggregation of odourous compounds. Bioclean Pond Clariifier embodies selective strains which aggrandize the degradation of organic compounds without causing any putrefaction along the degradation pathway. These microbes also accelerate the nitrogen cycle. Bioclean Pond Clarifier expedite the conversion of ammonia to nitrates. These nitrate molecules are further converted to nitrite molecules, thereby preventing the release of ammonia gas.

  • Is Bioclean Pond Clarifier a natural algalecide?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier does not directly target algae. The special strains of bacteria in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are designed to compete for the available sources of nitrogen and phosphorus, aggressively. These serve the role of primary food sources for algae. Bioclean Pond Clarifier leads to a mark reduction in the available food, thereby inhibiting algal proliferation.

  • Is aeration crucial during the addition of Bioclean Pond Clarifier?
    Aeration is not mandatory during the application of Bioclean Pond Clarifier. Aeration however, increases the efficiency of water remediation in lakes and ponds having an increased depth. Aerobic process is 30 times more efficient than anaerobic degradation process. Unlike anaerobic degradation process wherein incomplete breakdown of organic waste leads to release of hydrogen sulphide gas, aerobic degradation process is completely odourless. The microbes are facultative in nature. Hence, these perform efficiently in both anaerobic and aerobic environmental conditions.

  • How is Bioclean Pond Clarifier applied?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier can be applied directly in ponds, lakes and rivers. This product can either be applied by mixing it with lake/pond water and pouring it in to the system, either through injection or spraying.

  • How is Bioclean Pond Clarifier economical?
    Biological treatment with Bioclean Pond Clarifier is very economical as compared to dredging. Albiet the fact that chemical remedies are more affordable, their effect is temporary and generally addresses only one aspect of the problem. Bioclean Pond Clarifier treats the whole system and water resource regains its capacity of self purification.

  • How is Bioclean Pond Clarifier superior than the other biological products available in the market ?
    Owing to its cutting edge technology, the microbes in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are micro-encapsulated. This confers the virtue of extended shelf life to the product. At the time of packaging, microbes remain in their dormant states and possess 95-98% reactivation rates.

  • Is Bioclean Pond Clarifier a powder or liquid?
    Bioclean Pond Clarifier occurs in powder form. The microbes present in Bioclean Pond Clarifier are micro-encapsulated and possess an extended shelf life.

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