Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Salient Features:-

  • Reinforcement of biomass.

  • Digests organic compounds.

  • Reduces operational costs.

  • Faster commissioning of aerobic systems.

  • Facultative strains survive in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The realm of waste water treatment faces the constant challenge of innovation. Stringent environmental regulations and colossal operational costs are the major factors driving innovation in the field waste water treatment. Biotechnology offers a range of highly robust solutions catering to the issues of sludge generation, floc structure and settling, organic pollutants foaming and emission of offensive stench. Advanced biotechnology is often employed in secondary waste water treatment plant, thereby expediting the efficiency of effluent treatment across diverse industries.

Based on our years of extensive research and trials, our conversant team of waste water experts has developed an elixir blend of microbes that can be employed in industries across the globe. Bioclean and CleanMaxx consist of unique proprietary combination of specifically enriched, robust and completely secure microbes that aid in the removal of toxic pollutants from effluent water. The outlet water is thus safe to dispose. We have developed an array of products to meet the demands of municipal, commercial and industrial sectors. Effective degradation of intricate compounds in to simple compounds impart several benefits to the treatment plants including reduction in COD levels and alleviation of hazardous and recalcitrant components from the system.

The microbes used in Bioclean and Clean Maxx are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status and facilitate the recycling of “grey” water. The varied nature of these microbes reduce start up times after commissioning and enable effective handling of shock loads. Thus, minor upsets of the system are addressed more rapidly. These products perform in adverse environmental conditions.

Our products are ideally suited for processes like activated sludge process, anaerobic reactors, extended aeration, attached growth, MBR, SBR, MMBR, Bio Trickling Filters, RBC, UASB, Bio filters, etc.

  • Reinforcement of biomass

  • Digests organic compounds. It also degrades intricate substances like surfactants, fats, oils, sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds etc.

  • Facultative strains survive in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions

  • Complete odour control in the vicinity of the treatment plant

  • Performs efficiently even in presence of high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels

  • Faster commissioning of the aerobic system

  • Improves hydraulic retention time in the system

  • No modification of the current process is required

  • Low operational cost. Increases efficiency of the treatment plant and reduces energy consumption

  • Reduces sludge volume significantly

  • Non-corrosive and non-pathogenic microbes which are safe to handle and store

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Organica Biotech’s product, Bioclean, is truly incredible product as it improved the quality of discharge released from our secondary system and minimized the growth of undesirable microbes. Bioclean significantly lowered the COD levels.

– Pharmaceutical Company, Mumbai

We have used Organica Biotech’s Bioclean incessantly in our effluent treatment plant. It has not only enhanced the performance of plant but is also resistant to shock loads. The product also facilitated the removal of ammonical nitrogen .This product helps us maintain the water quality as per the statutory norms.

– Fertilizers and Pesticides Manufacturing Company , Maharashtra

We have utilized Bioclean in our effluent treatment plant and observed significant improvement in the stability and performance of our effluent treatment plant. We have witnessed significant changes like reduction in the COD levels of the plant, improvement in biomass quality, control of foul odour and enabled us to control the TSS levels in the discharge. We welcome this biotechnology based approach to our industry and based upon our experience, strongly urge others to take the benefit of using Bioclean.

– Foods and Beverages Company, Mumbai

We have introduced Organica Biotech’s products in Bangladesh. On employing its product, Bioclean, for improving the effluent quality in textile effluent treatment plant. We observed significant changes in the effluent treatment plant including reduction in color intensity of treated effluent, lowering of COD/BOD levels and curtailment of foul odor. In addition to these, the quality of biomass was found to be healthy. Bioclean has an upright performance to meet customer demands as well as achieve optimal bio-degradation process.

– Consultant, Bangladesh

We have been using Bioclean for past 2 years in our effluent treatment plant and are amazed by its results. Bioclean has ameliorated the performance of our reactors and helped in stabilization of plants. The water probiotics remain active even in extreme conditions of our pesticide manufacturing industry. Organica Biotech has also provided us elaborate technical support and have helped us attain our goals.

– Pesticides Manufacturing Company, Gujarat

We have been using Organica Biotech’s product, Bioclean, for solving many critical problems pertaining to industrial and municipal waste water in Vietnam. Bioclean is highly effective in combating issues like foul odour and sludge generation. Bioclean performs well even when subjected to environmental and design variations. It can be used for flows starting from 5 cubic meter per day to 500,000 cubic meter per day. When compared with other water treatment agents used globally, Bioclean has been found to be a leading product in terms of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

– Consultant, Vietnam
  • How does Bioclean/CleanMaxx function?
    The microbes present in Bioclean/CleanMaxx require nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, phosphate and trace elements for their survival. Complex pollutants in industrial waste water are vital sources of such nutrients. The microbes of Bioclean work in synergy to disintegrate such pollutants in to simple compounds like water and carbon dioxide.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean genetically modified?
    The microbes used in Bioclean are natural isolates, which are specifically cultivated for their desirable traits. These are not genetically modified in any way.

  • Is Bioclean safe?
    The microbes present in Bioclean are non pathogenic and pose no threat to humans, plants and animals in any way. These microbes are conferred with GRAS ( Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

  • How does Bioclean aid in reducing the COD and BOD levels of the effluent?
    The microbes present in Bioclean feed on the complex organic matter effectively and convert it in to simpler compounds like water and carbon dioxide. Consequently, the COD and BOD levels of the effluent are reduced significantly. Our clientele has experienced around 85-90% reduction in the COD and BOD levels of their effluent.

  • How can we ensure that the microbes in Bioclean proliferate extensively?
    Bioclean comprises of extremely robust microbes harboring extensive proliferation capacity. Nutrients like carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen are extremely crucial for the survival of the microbes. Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus when present in ratio of 100:5:1 can boost the multiplication capacity of the microbes. These nutrients can either be present in the effluent in the required quantity or need to be supplied externally.

  • Which type of industries can utilize Bioclean?
    Bioclean can be used effectively in an array of industries including chemical, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and refineries, fertilizers, paper and pulp, tanneries, CETPs, fisheries, dairy, food processing, textiles, breweries, dyes industries and sewage treatment plants. Our products are ideally suited for processes like activated sludge process, anaerobic reactors, extended aeration, MBR, SBR, MMBR, bio trickling filters, RBC, USAB,Bio filters, etc.

  • Can Bioclean handle variable shock loads?
    Bioclean comprises of a elixir blend of numerous microbes. These microbes possess a broad spectrum action and can handle capricious shock loads.

  • Can Bioclean result in reduced electricity consumption?
    Bioclean comprises of well curated microbes which can perform effectively even in low dissolved oxygen levels. Consequently, the need for perpetual aeration is reduced which results in reduced power consumption.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean?
    The dosing regime of Bioclean varies according to the pollution level, flow, design parameters etc. Generally the dosage varies from 0.5 ppm to 5 ppm depending upon the WWTP.

  • What is the shelf life of Bioclean ?
    The microbes in Bioclean are micro-encapsulated. This confers the virtue of extended shelf to the product. This product exists in powder form and possesses a shelf life of 2 years.

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