FOG Bioremediation

Salient Features:-

  • Restores biological health of the grease traps

  • Eliminates foul odours

  • Biodegrades buildup of grease and organic matter in the traps

  • Keeps lines and drain fields clean

  • Reduces overall operational costs

One of the impending problems of the present day drainage system is excess accumulation of fats, oils and grease. Fats and oils do not dissolve in water and can also harden in the drains upon cooling. Accumulation of fats and oils can have several grim implications! It can eventually lead to blocking of pipe, thereby causing overflows and severe environmental pollution. Elevated FOG concentrations contribute to high BOD and COD of water systems. The costs of cleaning the system are also high. Despite of exercising several cautions, fats and oils can gain entry in to the waste water through kitchen facilities hence, it is imperative to adopt the requisite measures to minimize fat and oil deposition in drain pipes and sewers.

A hallmark event in the field of environment conservation is the discovery of oil bioremediation. Oil bioremediation is a completely natural and environmentally safe technology which results in reduction of oil and grease levels, with minimal or no adverse effects on environment. They also reduce the need of using harsh chemicals to clean the system, thus helping the environment protection. Oil bioremediation, harboring microbial technology, is the new age solution for circumventing any untoward incidents related to FOG accumulation in drains and sewers.

People at places releasing humongous volumes of grease, oils and fats, employ grease traps to ensure that the drainage systems and sewer pipes are maintained properly. However, these grease traps are rendered ineffective if these are not routinely maintained or cleaned. Grease interceptors fill quite quickly and require frequent pumping. Albeit the fact that the conventional chemical methods for cleaning drains provide rapid visual results, they are highly expensive. These may impact the surrounding organisms and environment adversely. Bioremediation technology offers a more effective, environmentally sustainable and lasting solution!

Bioclean FOG and CleanMaxx FOG comprise of a unique blend of microbes, specially crafted to facilitate remediation of hydrocarbons in soil and water. These microbes are capable of degrading aggregated volumes of fats, oils and grease, found in sewer and drain pipelines. Microbes present in Bioclean FOG utilize these hydrocarbons as energy substrates to fuel their extensive growth. As the microbes thrive in the system and multiply, they decrease the amount of FOGs and results in a free-flowing system.

Bioclean FOG facilitates efficacious breakdown of volatile fatty acids to harmless products like carbon dioxide. A distinguishing marvel of employing this technology is that this process is completely odour free and can curtail the odour that is produced otherwise.

Bioclean FOG increases the longevity of FOG traps. It comprises of robust microbes whose efficiency is not compromised even in presence of detergents in effluent water.

  • Restores biological health of the grease traps, naturally

  • Eliminates foul odourus emanating from the grease traps

  • Bioclean FOG biodegrade buildup of grease and organic matter in the traps

  • Keeps lines and drain fields clean with reduced carryover of undigested organic pollutants

  • Enhances the performance of grease traps

  • Reduces overall operational costs

  • Ameliorates the downstream processing of waste water

  • Microbial digestion by Bioclean FOG is the simplest and cleanest way to reduce your buildup of grease traps waste and keep it working properly

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Our hotel generated large volumes of waste containing high levels of fats, oils and grease. These solidified and lead to clogging of drainage pipelines. Incomplete breakdown of this complex wastes lead to emission of obnoxious odour. All these issues were resolved using Bioclean FOG.

-One of the leading hotels in India

The effluent released by our dairy industry was marred by excess volumes of fats. This led to several unflattering effects like grease buildup and odour generation. The effluent also had fluctuating BOD and COD levels. Growth of detrimental microbes lead to unwanted foaming. CleanMaxx FOG empowered us to address these issues effectively.

– One of the leading diary industries in Maharashtra.
  • What is oil and grease trap?
    Oil and grease traps are mechanical devices which help in the removal of oil and grease from waste water.

  • What common problems are encountered in oil and grease traps?
    Excessive buildup of fats, oils and grease in oil and grease traps can pose system problems like slow draining and flooding. Accumulation and incomplete degradation of these organic wastes results in emission of foul odour.

  • How does Bioclean FOG work?
    Microbes present in Bioclean FOG are selectively cultivated and are highly target specific. These are microbes are very aggressive & are naturally found in the system. Microbes in Bioclean FOG are highly competent at degrading oils, fats and grease and converting them in to simpler products. Complete degradation of organic waste ensures that emission of foul odour is curbed. These microbes get activated when mixed in water.

    In comparison to strong chemical product (caustic/ acid), the action of microbial product appears to be slower. However, microbial activity provides long-term solution. Within 4 weeks of initial application, the drain lines are coated with beneficial bacteria which function in synergy to drastically reduce the future buildup of oil, grease and fats.

  • Is Bioclean FOG economical?
    Bioclean FOG alleviates the need of using expensive and potentially hazardous chemicals. By investing in the regular monthly maintenance of drains, one is paying a small price for protecting one’s system and environment.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean FOG?
    The grease traps should be cleaned once prior to the commencement of Bioclean FOG program. The dosage of Bioclean FOG depends upon the existing conditions of the grease trap.

  • How do I apply Bioclean FOG?
    Bioclean FOG needs to be flushed down the kitchen drain outlets at night, with water. In waste water treatment plants, a recommended dosage of Bioclean FOG is to be mixed with appropriate amount of water and the solution can be broadcasted in oil and grease traps, equalization tanks, etc.

  • What are the storage conditions of Bioclean FOG? What is the shelf life of Bioclean FOG?
    Commencing from the date of packaging, Bioclean FOG has a shelf life of 2 years, The product should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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