Rapid industrialization has put immense strain on the already scarce resources. Government perpetually enforces stringent standards for assessing waste water purity. Inefficient waste water treatment  leads to incomplete break down of organic pollutants which may further lead to algal bloom in water reserves. This may provide impetus to oxygen depletion and excessive aggregation of organic wastes. Implementation of a new technology in waste water plant may require numerous plant  modifications and invoke greater energy consumption. These unfavorable effects make adoption of such novel techniques impractical.

Environment Biotechnology provides an adept alternative for effective waste water treatment. Biological treatment of waste water is a fruitful approach gaining prominence across the globe. The treatment is designed to substantially degrade the organic waste. Majority of waste water plants  treat waste water using aerobic, anaerobic and facultative biological processes. Biological treatment systems are classified in  to 2 categories including  fixed film system and suspended system.

A bio-augmentation process employing robust microbial strains and enzymatic systems  facilitate complete breakdown of deleterious wastes. Perpetual augmentation is crucial in all the operations owing to variations in effluent quality, system shocks and external environmental conditions. Our  conversant research over the years have enabled us to develop robust biotechnological products which have consistently reduced sludge volume, reduced operational costs, curbed the emission of foul stench and lowered the COD and BOD levels in water significantly.

Products and Services

  1. Industrial waste water -Based on years of extensive research , we have developed a lucrative and effective solution for waste water treatment. This is suitable for all industry types. Our remedial blend of microbes result in lowered COD and BOD levels, extreme sludge reduction, removal of ammonical nitrogen, elimination of obnoxious odour and filamentous bacteria which may lead to uncontrolled foaming.

  2. Anaerobic Treatment – Anaerobic treatment is an excellent way of reducing sludge volumes and generating biogas. Bioclean ANB and CleanMaxx ANB are impeccable products which can effectively stabilize the anaerobic digestors in your waste water treatment plant. These also alleviate the issues of odour emission, extensive foaming and frequent system upsets.

  3. Sewage treatment – Bioclean STP and CleanMaxx STP are robust products which can work effectively in the capricious environment of the sewage treatment plant. These products lead to a mark reduction in BOD levels of the water reserves. In addition to its usual benefits of reducing sludge build up and curbing the release of malodourous compounds, these products also inhibit the growth of detrimental pathogens including the pernicious coliform strains.

  4. Lake and Pond Bioremediation – Bioclean Pond Clarifier is an exemplary product which can aid in cleaning of lakes and ponds naturally. This impedes the growth of deleterious algae and maintains the fragile balance of aquatic ecosystem. It facilitates lake deepening through the process of “bio-dredging”.

  5. FOG remediation – Colossal volumes of Fats, Oils and Grease in the effluent can lead to eventual clogging of drainage pipes. These wastes also contribute to the high COD and BOD levels in the water reserve. CleanMaxx FOG and Bioclean FOG are unique products facilitating effective remediation of hydrocarbons. This disintegration process is odour free and alleviates all the issues associated with FOGs accumulation

  6. Septic Management– Bioclean Septic is an one step solution for all septic tank woes. The microbes present in Bioclean Septic restore the biological health of the septic tank. Bioclean Septic results in the breakdown of intricate fatty acids in to simple molecules. This increases the longevity of septic tanks.

  7. Biotoilets and Biodigester – Bioclean Biotoilets is a realistic alternative to tackle the issue of open defecation. Bioclean Biotoilet quintessentially comprises of a “Biotoilet Superstructure” and Bioclean “Biodigestor Tank”. The latter embodies a multi chambered unit with a microbial niche.

  8. Biomass Analysis – We offer a specific environmental service to gauge the biological footprint of waste water treatment plant. Biological analysis of wastewater in any secondary treatment unit is critical for analyzing the health and status of biological system along with treat-ability of waste water.

Products for Waste Water Treatment

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