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We have utilized Bioclean in our effluent treatment plant and observed significant improvement in the stability and performance of our effluent treatment plant. We have witnessed significant changes like reduction in the COD levels of the plant, improvement in biomass quality and control of foul odour. This has enabled us to control the TSS levels in the discharge. We welcome this biotechnology based approach to our industry and based upon our experience, strongly urge others to take the benefit of using Bioclean.

– Foods & Beverages Company in Mumbai

We have been using Organica Biotech’s product, Bioclean, for solving many critical problems pertaining to industrial and municipal waste water in Vietnam. Bioclean is highly effective in combating issues like foul odor and sludge generation. Bioclean performs well even when subjected to environmental and design variations. It can be used for flows starting from 5 cubic meter per day to 500,000 cubic meter per day. When compared with other water treatment agents used globally, Bioclean has been found to be a leading product in terms of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness..

– Consultant, Vietnam

After using Magic gro, the cotton yield has increased to 15 quintals / acre . The quality of yield is ameliorated and the leaves adorn a bright green appearance. I will continue using the product as I firmly believe that it promotes higher crop productivity

– Mr Satish Barbade, Amravati- Mumbai

I am extremely elated with the results obtained by using Magic gro DripSOL and Magic gro Super. It boosted the immunity of the vegetable plant and improved the flowering of the plants immensely. The plant embellished prodigious leaves. These expedite the photosynthetic activity of leaves There was a marked increase in the net yield of the brinjal plant. 0.4 acre of land reaped more than 1000 kg of harvest.

– Mr Vikas Patil, Patan- Gujarat

The tiger shrimps in our hatchery have exhibited better feed intake and good stress tolerance in freshwater bodies upon the subsequent usage of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery. We have witnessed an improvement in their growth rates and a 99% HAPA survival rate.

– M/s Raj Hatcheries Pvt.Ltd, Tamil Nadu

I have been using Bioclean Aqua Fish for Catla and Rohu farms in Vemba. Bioclean Aqua Fish has lowered the ammonia levels in my farms. The harvested fishes were of increased sizes and bore glazing scales. The survival rates of fishes increased to 85%

– Ajay Raju, Andhra Pradesh

ZOOM Poultry is an excellent probiotic which is highly economical. This increases the resistance of avians to virulent agents like Candida. One can surely find an increase in the appetite of their caged birds after its use. I would advice everyone to use ZOOM in your aviary throughout the year.

– Sarit Tarafdar, Gujarat

ZOOM Cattle is an incredible product which has improved the protein and fat content in the total milk yield of my cattle animals. It has boosted the process of nutrient assimilation in both juvenile and old animals. In addition to this, the appetite, flatulence and Feed Conversion Ratio of these animals were also enhanced. I highly recommend the use of this product

– Ravi More, Maharashtra

I have a 5x2x2 cubic feet sized tank, sheltering 20 fishes. Initially, the water in the tank appeared dirty within 3-4 days of cleaning the tank. The fish adorned a pale appearance. After using Bioclean Aquarium, the tank appears cleaner for longer duration and the overall health of fish is improved. I highly recommend the use of this product

– Mr Ravi Chavan, Maharashtra.

Upon the usage of Magic gro Plant Care in my rose plantation, I have witnessed 50-60% increase in the flowering rate. Not only have the sizes of leaves have increased but their pigmentation is also enhanced. These changes were observed within 8 days of product application.

– Dr. Rajendra Patil, Jalgaon-Maharashtra

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