Biotoilet and Biodigester

Salient Features:-

  • Easy to install

  • Portable; Can be carried to different places

  • Curbs the emission of foul odour

  • Curtails the spread of pathogens

  • Faster degradation of organic pollutants

The answer to putting a stop to unsanitary habits, like open defecation, lies in composting toilets known as Biotoilets, with a Biodigester and Bioclean BD, a microbial blend. Globally, sanitation and hygiene remain heavily compromised, especially in third world countries. Lack of functioning toilets as well as less number of toilets overall, have led to open defecation and diseases, including cholera, diarrhea and polio. It’s also a threat to people’s safety, dignity and privacy.

Bioclean Biotoilet is an eco-friendly toilet by Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd, a top 20 Environment Biotech company. The biotoilet is equipped with a superstructure and a Biodigester tank.

Biotoilets not only provide a closed space to people but also provide an apt on-site facility for the treatment and disposal of human fecal matter, and can be carried from one place to another- portable composting toilet.

Now, how do these composting toilets, or biotoilets, work?

Biodigester tank is fed with Bioclean BD.

Biodigester technology quintessentially consists of a microbial culture, Bioclean BD, which comprises of a consortium of beneficial microbial strains. These microbes can effectively degrade complex organic matter in to simpler forms under anaerobic conditions, within a very short span of time. 

The Biotoilet system is divided into three components:

  1. First compartment is for separating solids and liquids, and superior microbes to degrade organic pollutants.

  2. The second and third compartments degrade organic matter and separate biomass from water.

These microbes are robust and lead to complete degradation of organic pollutants.

Within the Biodigester, four processes happen successively- hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, and methanogenesis, to release water, carbon dioxide and methane.

Thus, these can combat the issue of foul odor caused due to incomplete digestion of organic acids. These strains are micro-encapsulated owing to which they have an increased shelf life. Bioclean BD provides a biotechnological solution to the issue of choking of existing portable toilets and pit latrines. The microbes in Bioclean BD compete with pathogens for nutrients, thereby curbing the growth of undesirable microbes. “Bioclean BD” can adapt to an array of environmental conditions with ease.

Commissioning “Bioclean BD” in biotoilets and pit latrines is a relatively simple process and doesn’t entail any modification even in the existing toilets. A switch to eco-friendly, composting Biotoilets with Biodigester will pave a way for sustainable future.

Biotoilets with Biodigester are an integral part of Organica Biotech’s gesture towards corporate social responsibility, along with government organizations, stakeholders and other stakeholders in society.

  • Easy application

  • Easy to install

  • Self-composting toilet

  • Eliminates odor

  • Biotoilets are portable hence these can be maneuvered easily

  • Curbs the growth of undesirable pathogens

  • Faster degradation of organic waste

  • Performs effectively in varied tempratures ranging from 5 – 55° C

  • Biodigester doesn’t require regular cleaning with chemicals.
  • Robust microbes are micro-encapsulated. Hence, these have longer shelf life

We have employed Bioclean Biotoilet, embodying a 1000 L tank,a Biodigester and Bioclean BD microbial culture. We are elated with the overall performance of the product. Bioclean Biotoilet has aided in the reduction of sludge build up and curbed the formation of odorous compounds. This self-composting toilet has provided optimal sanitation facilities to the on-site construction workers.

-Kukreja Construction

Organica Biotech Pvt Ltd installed one Bioclean Biotoilet in Modimal. This has curbed the emission of odor and improved hygiene on the village premises. This has eliminated our need to openly defecate and has alleviated the problems associated with it. It has proved to be an efficient alternative to our sanitation woes. We are happy with the performance of this product.

-Villagers of Modimal
  • Does the “Bioclean Biodigester” require regular cleaning?

    “Bioclean biodigester” does not require regular cleaning as it functions on the principle of perpetual natural microbial degradation process.

  • Can Biotoilet be cleaned with commercially available regular cleaning products?

    “Bioclean Biodigester” is designed in such a way that it doesn’t require the use of cleaning chemicals. However, all commercially available chemical products can be used in reasonable quantities. One should be mindful of the fact that this system works by accelerating the natural sewage degradation process. Some chemicals used are specifically designed to destroy micro-organisms. The overuse of bleach or various other antibacterial cleaners may kill the beneficial bacteria used in “Bioclean BD” and reduce its efficiency.

  • Is Bioclean Biotoilet a self-composting toilet?

    Yes, Biotoilet is a self-composting toilet.

  • Can “Bioclean BD” help in controlling the odor of waste?

    “Bioclean BD” contains specialized effective strains that do not cause putrefaction during the degradation pathway and ensure complete degradation of organic matter to methane and carbon dioxide. These gases escape into the atmosphere in an odorless process.

  • Can the “Bioclean Biodigester” be attached to the existing toilet?

    Yes, “Bioclean Biodigester” can be attached to the existing toilet.

  • Will the cultures be effective even when the system is out of use for a while?

    The cultures are able to survive even if the system is not in use for a stipulated time period, however weekly use of the toilet ensures that maximum efficiency of the system is retained.

  • What is the maximum retention time required for the microbes to degrade the waste?

    A “Bioclean biodigester” is designed in such a way that it degrades the waste within a day. However, the retention time varies depending on the capacities of biodigester tank and their per day usages.

  • Is “Bioclean BD” safe?

    The microbes used in “Bioclean BD” are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) organisms. These are completely safe and do not cause any harm to the environments, humans, plants and animals in any way.

  • Can the treated water emerging from biodigester be reused?

    The treated water emerging from biodigester system can be used for gardening and agricultural purposes.

  • What is the shelf life of “Bioclean BD”?

    The microbes used in “Bioclean BD” are micro-encapsulated and possess a shelf life of 2 years.

  • How is Bioclean BD better than commercially available other microbial products?

    “Bioclean BD” is a highly specialized product which is available in powder form, unlike the various commercially available products. The microbes in Bioclean BD provide maximal odor reduction and reduce the sludge optimally, thereby reducing the need of frequent cleaning of biodigesters. The product works perfectly well even in instances of increased users.

  • Installation of Bioclean Biotoilet for making regions around Nagar Vashi Naka, Chembur Toyota Open Defecation Free!
    Premchand Gupta from Rahul Nagar Vashi Naka, Chembur had severe and distressing issues with regard to sanitation.  Read more

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