Sanitation is a complex sector having direct impact on the health and well being of this world’s future generations. It is a major component of the interlinked web of community development. According to recent statistics, every dollar spent on sanitation account for a saving of 9 dollars in the spheres of health, education and economic development. A major percentage of citizens in developing countries engage in open defecation. The poor maintenance of existing toilets and septic tanks is the root cause of diseases. We have developed a line of well curated products, which are tailored to end all the sanitation woes successfully. Be it septic tank maintenance product, portable toilets or toilet care product, we have a product for all your needs.

Products and Services

  1. Septic Tank Management – Our product, Bioclean Septic, restores the biological health of the septic tanks. The remedial blend of microbes present in Bioclean Septic convert intricate compounds in to simple fatty acids, thereby circumventing all sanitation woes successfully.

  2. Biotoilet and Biodigester – Bioclean Biotoilet is a reasonable alternative for tackling the issue of open defecation successfully. It is made up of two essential components, a multi-chambered biodigestor tank and a superstructure unit. Biocean BD is imperative for the smooth functioning of all biotoilets.

  3. Toilet and Surface Cleaning Agents – Presently available all toilet cleaning agents comprise of extremely harsh chemicals which impact the respiratory health adversely. These chemicals are major skin and eye irritants. Bioswitch is a natural cleaning agent which not leave your toilets sparkling clean but also aid in environmental conservation.

Products for Sanitation

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