CIBUZZ- Poultry Feed Probiotics

CIBUZZ- Poultry Feed Probiotics


  • CIBUZZ is a specially formulated proprietary blend of natural environmental isolates
  • CIBUZZ prevents illness by a well-maintained microflora balance by “competitive exclusion”
  • Beneficial microbes in CIBUZZ colonise the intestinal tract of the birds, and do not allow the growth and multiplication of pathogens
  • CIBUZZ mainly helps when the normal microflora of the gut is disturbed by bacterial infections, stress, antibiotic treatment and poor diet



  • Boosts the immune system of poultry
  • Improves hatchability of eggs
  • Helps in forming thick-shelled eggs
  • Improves growth and reproductive performance of poultry
  • Reduces feed cost and medicine cost
  • Reduces management cost, rendering profit to the farmers
  • Helps decrease and control mortalities among poultry
  • Enhances assimilation of nutrients and microelements
  • Improves gut microflora
  • Enhances the immunity of poultry, which is especially beneficial for new born
  • Helps increase precaecal digestibility of amino acids
  • Stimulates trans-epithelial movement of glucose in the small intestine
  • Enhances ability to overcome stress
  • Reduces attachment of disease-causing organisms in the gut
  • Improves growth rate
  • Reduces mortality
  • Helps prevent goitre, cataract and granuloma in poultry
  • Helps in tissue repair and wound healing
  • Increases the feed digestibility that improves feed intake even in poor climatic
  • Improves FCR

Dosage and Direction of use

1 to 3 g / litre of drinking water

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Additional information

Weight 250 kg


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