Bioclean Septic

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Bioclean Septic


Pack Size: 250gm

  • Biologically breakdowns the organic waste in septic tank ,toilet drains
  • Preventing blockages in drain or pipe lines
  • Keeps sewer lines, septic tanks and drain fields cleaner
  • 100% environment friendly
  • Reduces faecal coliforms
  • Completely eliminates odour problems
  • Lowers maintenance cost



The microbes in Bioclean Septic are specially selected to digest the things that usually clog up your septic system and adversely affect the environment like, Detergents, fats, oils & grease (FOG), proteins, paper, starch – total organic carbon (TOC)

NOTE: Its a preventive maintenance product. You need to first empty the septic tank and then add our product. Can’t function in overflowing septic tanks

Dosage and Direction of use

  • Before starting the Bioclean Septic program, the septic tank should be cleaned once
  • At start use 250 gm Bioclean Septic for 1000 gallons per day for one week.
  • After the loading dose use 250 gm Bioclean Septic for 1000 gallons once a month to Keep your system trouble-free.
  • All applications of Bioclean Septic require to be flushed down plumbing outlets at night with water
  • Due to the constant flow of sewage in the septic system it is advised that Bioclean
  • Septic be used regularly to maintain bacteria at optimum levels in the system
  • For best results it is advised to use the product at night as there is least inflow at that time
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