Bioclean Compost

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Bioclean Compost


Pack Size: 250gm

  • Odorless process
  • Really fast composting period
  • High quality final compost
  • Improved land application
  • Weed seed destruction
  • Lower risk of pollution problems
  • Excellent soil conditioner



Bioclean Compost …make composting easy!!
Bioclean Compost is an environment-friendly biotechnology product, comprising of selectively isolated microbial strains that can enhance the decomposition process and convert organic wastes into high-value organic manure.

Bioclean Compost consists of millions of microorganism for composting which produces high value organic manure free from pathogens, completely safe for handling and easy to apply.

Dosage and Direction of use

  • 1 kg of Bioclean Compost is required for 1 TON of solid waste
  • The powder needs to be mixed with water before application to the compost pile
  • Moisture content of the pile needs to be maintained at around 30-50% throughout the composting process.
  • Complete overturning of the pile as frequently as possible will ensure better aeration and faster biodegradation.

Can be used for tropical, freshwater, cold water aquaria and ponds and marine aquariums

Slight turbidity may appear on an initial addition of the product. However, this while subside over time and is not a reason of concern

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