Bioclean Aquarium

Bioclean Aquarium


Pack Size: 50gm

  • Controls and reduces formation of algae and soluble impurities
  • Enhances the clarity of water
  • Reduces the odor problem
  • Improves water quality and reduces frequency of water change.
  • Protects fishes against secondary infections



BIOCLEAN AQUARIUM is a unique completely safe and non-toxic product that contains millions of aquarium friendly microbes that degrades the organic matter in the water, maintaining healthy water quality in the aquarium, reduces the toxicity level, improves water clarity hence creating a perfect condition for the fishes to remain healthy and active. It is completely safe for all types of fishes, also the sensitive ones. All these benefits with just adding few spoons of Bioclean Aquarium in your tank…!!

Dosage and Direction of use

NOTE: Dosage may vary depending upon aquarium water conditions:

  • 2 to 5 gm for 100 litres of water
  • Weekly addition
  • Mix into water and evenly introduce it into the aquarium

Can be used for tropical, freshwater, cold water aquaria and ponds and marine aquariums

Slight turbidity may appear on initial addition of the product. However, this while subside over time and is not a reason of concern

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