Is India’s national capital failing on Swachh Bharat goals?

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was the Modi government’s flagship scheme, started in 2014. Everyday one hears of various sanitation schemes throughout the country- building toilets, cleaning litter, waste disposal etc. While it is good that the government is taking steps to make India clean, it begs the question: what’s the scene like in their own backyard?

The said ‘backyard’ being the national capital Delhi, the seat of power.

Is it performing well on the SBA parameters?

Apparently not, if a study by Union Ministry for Urban Development is to be believed.

The metropolitan, cosmopolitan city, where tourists and international dignitaries descend every year, apparently lacks in basic civil necessities like trash bins, toilets, drainage systems and efficient waste management systems.

Despite having five different civic bodies, urban management seems to be in a mess in New Delhi. This is evidenced by the city’s low rankings in the Swacch sarvekshan 2017 study on cleanliness and sanitation. The NMDC fell to seventh position, while Tier 2 cities like Indore and Bhopal bagged top positions.

Perhaps that’s why the New Delhi Municipal Corporation ( NMDC) has launched a special 45 day sanitation drive in the city.

Let’s hope this drive is conducted sincerely, and Delhi can top the charts again, thereby setting an example for the rest of the country.

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