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Salient Features:-

  • Reduces the frequency of soil change.

  • Improves overall plant health.

  • Improves the resistances of plants to various diseases.

  • Ameliorates leaf and flower pigmentation.

One of the most neglected aspects of indoor gardening and maintenance of plant nurseries is periodic assessment of soil vitality. Ordinarily, plant enthusiasts primarily focus on watering plants and adding fertilizers. One cannot undermine the role of organic micro-flora in the soil which intimately interact with the plants. Indiscriminate use of fertilizers and excess watering reduce the number of natural beneficial soil microbes, thereby necessitating the need of changing the soil periodically.

Magic gro Plant Care incorporates salutary probiotics which work in synergy to enhance natural food absorption. Consequently, superior plant growth is established. These probiotics facilitate the conversion of complex nutrients in to simpler absorb-able forms, thereby reinvigorating the soil quality. Magic gro Plant Care is an exemplary soil conditioner which reduces the frequency of soil change.

These probiotics boost the immunity of plants, thereby aggrandizing the ability of plants to fight diseases. Magic-gro Plant Care augments the pigmentation of flowers and leaves thus, ensuring that your plants adorn brightly colored leaves and flowers.

This product can be used effectively in terrace lawns, potted plants, plant nurseries and hydroponics. These probiotics are completely safe and do not cause any untoward harm to plants, animals and humans. Magic gro Plant Care is certified by ECOCERT, France as a completely organic input for your home plants and nurseries.

  • Significant reduction in the frequency of soil change

  • Improves the health and growth of the plants

  • Revitalizes plant and soil

  • Enhances the plant’s ability to resist diseases

  • Improves leaf and flower pigmentation

  • Only one application every month

  • Longer shelf-life

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Upon the usage of Magic gro Plant Care in my rose plantation, I have witnessed 50-60% increase in the flowering rate. Not only have the sizes of leaves increased but their pigmentation has also enhanced. These changes were observed within 8 days of product application

– Dr. Rajendra Patil, Jalgaon-Maharashtra

The leaves of my potted plants were curled and arid. The leaves of these plants also exhibited discoloration. I have started using Magic gro Plant Care and my plants have started looking healthy within one week.

– Mr Siddhesh, Maharashtra
  • What are the reasons for unfavorable growth of terrace and home grown potted plants?
    An array of factors are responsible for inadequate growth of terrace and home-grown potted plants. Perpetual use of the same soil and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers lead to deterioration of soil microbiome. Eventually, the growth of plants is hampered. This condition is often manifested in the form of discolored leaves and flower drop.

  • What is Magic gro Plant Care?
    Magic gro Plant Care embodies several beneficial microbes which enhance the biological activity in soil and improve the nutritional uptake by plants. These microbes boost the immunity of plants and reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. Magic gro exploits the theory of biosensors and bioactivators to improve the overall health of plants.

  • How does Magic gro Plant Care work?
    Microbial biosensors reveal the nutrient deficiencies in the soil and plant system. These sensors engage in quorum sensing pathways and further stimulate bioactivators. These bioactivators aid in transportation of nutrients, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and growth hormones from the exterior environment in to the plant systems. Bioactivators are stimulants which employ sensing mechanisms to achieve desirable results.

  • How do beneficial microbes impact the growth of plants positively?
    Beneficial microbes in Magic gro Plant Care adopt a multi pronged approach to impact the growth of plants positively. Magic gro Plant Care confers the following benefits to the plants:
    a. Revitalizes soil health
    b. Reduces the frequency of soil change
    c. Promotes plant growth and improves plant health
    d. Enhances flower and leaf pigmentation
    e. Boosts the overall immunity of plants.

  • Is Magic gro Plant Care harmful?
    Magic gro is completely safe for to plants and animals. All the microbes are isolated from their natural habitat and do not possess any undesirable side effects.

  • Can Magic gro Plant Care be applied to all types of pants?
    Magic gro can be applied to all types of plants including ornamental, fruiting and flowering plants. It can be effectively used in lawns, garden beds and terrace gardens.

  • What is the dosage of Magic gro Plant Care?
    The dosage of Magic gro Plant Care varies according to plant type and plant spread.

  • Can Magic gro Plant Care be mixed with chemical products like fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides?
    Magic gro Plant Care is a plant growth promoter which ameliorates the soil microbiome and enhance plant growth. However, it cannot replace a fertilizer. Magic gro Plant Care can be used with chemical and natural fertilizers alike.

  • What is the shelf life Magic gro?
    The microbes present in Magic gro are micro-encapsulated and possess a shelf life of two years when stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

  • A natural way of nurturing your beloved plants
    Magic gro Plant Care improved the overall health of home grown plants and boosted the immunity of plants against diverse infectious agents. These plants adorned brightly coloured leaves and flowers and exhibited enhanced photosynthetic activities  Read more

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