Aquarium Care Solutions

Salient Features:-

  • Biodegrades the suspended organic wastes in the tank

  • Circumvents aquarium turbidity

  • Combats aquarium algae

  • Effectively removes odour

  • Ensures stable water chemistry and reduces levels of ammonia

  • Limits proliferation of unwanted pathogens in the aquarium

Aquarium maintenance involves control and regulation of the minor factors affecting water chemistry. Aquarium owners are often troubled by the need of changing water in tanks and nurturing of the diseased fish. If appropriate caution is not exercised at the right time, the health of fishes may deteriorate. Water quality of an aquarium determines the health of the fish. Water parameters need to be monitored regularly to ensure that one creates a perfect niche for one’s fishes. Even low levels of ammonia and nitrates can be toxic to the fishes. Presence of ammonia can also give rise to algal blooms that may be difficult to control. Accumulation of organic waste like uneaten fish feed, fish excreta and dead and decaying plant matter also contribute to deterioration of the water quality. The problems associated with poor aquarium water quality may not come to surface until the severity of the problem increases. Thus, it is extremely crucial to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium to alleviate future problems.

Organica Biotech provides biological solution to various aquarium related problems. We have developed a consortia of beneficial microbes that can help in maintaining the aquarium and keeping the fish free from diseases and illnesses. These robust microbes rapidly utilize the nutrients in the water, thereby limiting the growth and proliferation of unwanted algae.

At the same time these microbes are the key players of the aquariums nitrogen cycle. These microbes rapidly break down and utilize ammonia concentration present in aquarium water, thereby avoiding the concerns associated with ammonia toxicity.

Seeding the tank with the right amount of beneficial microbes facilitates the proliferation of beneficial microbes. These microbes utilize all the nutrients present in water, thereby limiting the growth and multiplication of undesirable microbes.

Cumulatively, Bioclean Aquarium ameliorates the water clarity, therefore reducing the frequency of water change in fish tanks and aquariums. Bioclean Aquarium also acquits the role of fish probiotics which enhance the gut microbiome and the overall health of fishes.

  • Safely and quickly biodegrades the suspended organic wastes in the tank

  • Circumvents aquarium turbidity

  • Combats aquarium algae

  • Effectively removes odour

  • Ensures that water chemistry  is stable and reduces levels of ammonia

  • Limits proliferation of unwanted pathogens in the aquarium

  • Effective for fresh and sea water aquariums

  • Enhances the water quality of aquariums

  • Prevents mineral build-up and ensures the removal of toxic chemicals from the aquarium

  • Ensures rapid degradation of organic matter in the aquarium

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I have a 5x2x2 cubic feet sized tank, sheltering 20 fishes. Initially, the water in the tank appeared dirty within 3-4 days of cleaning the tank. The fish adorned a pale appearance. After using Bioclean Aquarium, the tank appears cleaner for longer duration and the overall health of fish is improved. I highly recommend the use of this product”.

– Mr Ravi Chavan, Maharashtra

My aquarium shelters 4 sharks and a gold fish. Excess fish feed not only made the tank dirty but also conferred a turbid appearance to the water. I used 2 grams of Bioclean Aquarium for 1 week, followed by weekly addition of 1 gram. The issue of water turbidity was resolved completely.

-Dharmesh Mehrotra, Uttar Pradesh

My betta fish appeared extremely dull and lethargic. Upon the application of Bioclean Aquarium for 2 weeks, my fish remains agile. The frequency of water change has reduced significantly

-Mr Manoj, Maharashtra

Bioclean Aquarium is one of the most effective aquarium products that I have used. It has reduced the frequency of water changes.

-Sumit Deshmukh, Maharashtra
  • What are the common problems encountered in an aquarium?
    An aquarium embodies several undesirable issues like water turbidity, aggregated volumes of uneaten fish feed and emanation of foul odour.Excessive aggregation of uneaten fish feed leads to the growth of fungus and moulds . Increased levels of nitrates and phosphates in aquarium promote algal bloom in aquariums. Algal blooms decrease the dissolved oxygen levels of an aquarium. This can lead to fish kills. Accumulation of unwanted compounds perturb the pH balance of the aquarium. This can lead to death of aquatic organisms.

  • How can Bioclean Aquarium aid in improving the water quality of aquariums?
    Bioclean Aquarium quintessentially comprises of remedial blend of microbes which accelerate the digestion of organic waste. This organic waste is aggregated due to overfeeding, accumulation of fish excreta and other decaying organic matter. The end products of this disintegration process are simple molecules like carbon dioxide and water. These microbes rapidly utilize nutrients in the water, thereby inhibiting the growth of undesirable pathogens and fungi. Bioclean Aquarium directly impacts the clarity of water and reduces the frequency of water change.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Aquarium?
    The dose of Bioclean Aquarium varies depending upon the water conditions of the aquarium. Approximately, 2-5 grams of the product is required to be added for 100 mL of water. Bioclean Aquarium should be mixed with water and should be added on a weekly basis.

  • Can Bioclean Aquarium be used for all types of aquarium.?
    Bioclean Aquarium can be used for an array of aquarium types including tropical, freshwater, coldwater and marine aquariums. However, this product is not suitable for potted aquarium.

  • Why should I use Bioclean Aquarium despite of having mechanical filters?
    Mechanical filters are primarily responsible for physical separation of particles from water. However, these filters fail to separate the dissolved impurities like phosphates and nitrates from water . Accumulation of such impurities have grave implications on the health of aquatic organisms and may also lead to undesirable algal bloom.

  • Are the microbes used in Bioclean Aquarium completely safe?
    The microbes used in Bioclean Aquarium are completely safe. These are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status and do not harm humans, animals and plants in any way.

  • Are the microbes used in Bioclean Aquarium genetically modified?
    The microbes used in Bioclean Aquarium are natural isolates, which are not genetically altered in any way. These microbes are specifically chosen for their desirable traits.

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