Microbes are of immense use in commercial sectors, industries and routine home and office chores . These work in orchestrated manner to reap the desired outcome. Microbes, when used used in appropriate quantities, acquit the role of eco friendly agents which can be used to nurture the soil microbiome, conserve aquarium systems and serve as key players in lavatory and kitchen cleaning.

Products and Services

  1. Aquarium Care Solution – Bioclean Aquarium is a unique blend of robust microbes which aid in maintaining the water quality of aquarium and preventing the occurrence of diseases in fish. These microbes rapidly utilize the nutrients in the water, thus limiting the growth and proliferation of detrimental pathogens and algae. These microbes rapidly breakdown and utilize ammonia concentration present in aquarium water thereby eliminating the concerns associated with ammonia toxicity. Cumulatively, Bioclean Aquarium reduces  the frequency of water change in fish tanks and aquariums.

  2. Toilet and Surface Cleaning Agent– Commercially available toilet cleaners contains several harsh chemicals which not only contribute to indoor pollution but also potentially irritate the respiratory system and corrode skin. Bioswitch is a natural alternative for all the toilet cleaning needs. Bioswitch comprises of robust probiotics and plant extracts which work in synergy to degrade the odorous intricate matter into simpler forms. These microbes compete with the undesirable microbes and suppress the propagation of the detrimental pathogens.

  3. Home Plants and Nurseries – Upon prolonged usage the soil nurturing potted plants in homes and nurseries loses its vital nutrients. Consequentially, the plant health is impacted in an unflattering manner . Magic gro Plant Care restores the essential microflora in the soil. Magic gro Plant Care is a unique product that ameliorates the stability of soil microbial niche. It is an exemplary soil conditioner which augments the pigmentation of flowers and plants.

Products for Homes and Offices

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