Green Ganesha- A step towards Eco-friendly Festival

Ganpati Bappa Morya-generations have hailed the elephant headed god year in and year out. But somewhere over time, we have lost our way and ended up polluting Ganesha’s pristine world. However change makers have come up in Pune who are welcoming green Ganesha. They are no more practising idol immersion and have done away with POP idols that pollute the rivers. Even clay idols are unbearable for rivers beyond a point. The trouble with clay idols is that they cause silting and sedimentation which ultimately leads to shallow depth of the river challenging the water resources.

In such a scenario, permanent metal idols are a viable and apt option. Some environmentally proactive families in Pune have taken this root avoiding Visarjan. They keep Ganesha within the temple till he is invoked the next year. Resultantly there isn’t a trace of even a possibility of pollution.

Recycling the reusable waste and putting the organic waste for composting are some of the other ways that are being implemented for active environmental protection. The threat that the environment has come into can be mitigated only by such and even more environmentally pro-active and sustainable steps. Hail hearty citizens! Let Ganesha stay with you till he comes back next time. Come let’s make a change.

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