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Dr. Ganesh Kamath

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd – A complete solution! According to OMICs Company Survey- 2016, Organica Biotech is listed as one of the top 20 Environment Biotech companies in the world.

Organica Biotech : Nurturing Environment With Care

We live in grave times of fragile ecosystems and extreme environmental conditions. In wake of such challenging environmental situations, Organica Biotech has championed the cause of sustaining nature naturally. It provides natural and effective solutions for the fields of agriculture, waste water treatment, sanitation, solid waste composting, aquaculture and animal health care.

This pioneering Environment Biotechnology firm was set up by Dr. Ganesh Kamath. Dr. Kamath is a Doctorate from Temple University, Philadelphia, from the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Educational Background
While he his research, Dr. Kamath worked extensively in the areas of drug delivery and drug system optimization. He studied the release of drugs made from ammonia salts of polymers and developed different models to facilitate the release of drugs with different solubilities. His research was published in International Journal of Microencapsulation. He has presented numerous papers at various conferences including American Association of Pharmacuetical Scientists (AAPS)

He has worked in various capacities in the area of pharmaceutical sciences, at various organizations including Temple University Hospital, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Rite-Aid Pharmacy, Whitehall Robbins(Liquid dosage forms) and Futura Biosystems. His tryst with Futura Biosystems included Drug Development in buccal delivery systems.

Organica Biotech: A journey that unfolds
On one of his trips to India, he noted that India’s progress was marred with severe environmental degradation and decided to work on this problem through his scientific capabilities. Thus, giving back the society by establishing a social enterprise in the country.

“ We are at the dawn of major environmental disasters, if prompt action is not taken then the very future of mankind is at stake. I strongly believe that preserving mankind is dependent on three driving parameters including food security, advanced healthcare and environmental conservation. Fortunately, I get to lead a firm that adds value in all these spheres.
The real beauty of this firm lies in its innate ability to create substantial impact in the lives of numerous individuals. It is a heart warming experience to learn how our products help the farmer reap maximum profits for his hard work, an industrialist effectively treat the waste water from his industry and aquaculturist obtain colossal fish yields. We are privileged to be a part of this conservation drive in our own unique way”, remarks Dr. Kamath.

Awards and Recognition
Dr. Kamath’s never-ending perseverance and endurance has driven Organica Biotech to newer heights of success! Organica Biotech is an ISO-9001, 14001 and GMP certified company providing extensive support to all its end users, institutions and governmental agencies. Its core strengths include state-of-the-art manufacturing units and a highly creative “Inventions and Innovations” department. Its products have proved their mettle in diverse countries across the world, especially those of Central Europe. Over the span of 17years, this firm has treated several hundred wastewater treatment plants, installed several biotoilets and helped grow safer foods over several thousand acres.

This thirst of developing newer, improved technologies has raised Organica Biotech to the pedestal of being among “The Top 20 Environmental Biotech Companies in the world” according to OMICs Survey ”. Its efforts have been recognized world wide and is the winner of Skoch Order-of-Merit for its immense contribution in the fields of sanitation and agriculture. Its sanitation product, “Bioclean BD”, is accredited by the Mashelkar Committee, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation- Government of India. The impact of its sanitation technology was assessed by Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It was found that Organica Biotech created a massive positive impact on the society through the means of its products, which are specially crafted to suit different environmental conditions.

Organica: A way of life!
Organica’s success can be attributed to its employee and work culture. These cultural developments are a result of the ‘ Open Office Policy’ adopted by Dr. Kamath. He maintains complete transparency in his operations, promotes free information flow and encourages new ideas. He believes that employees are an organization’s invaluable assets who convert an organization’s promises in to actions and its dreams into reality.


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