Vannamei Farming

Salient Features:-

  • Rapid degradation of organic wastes

  • Prevents the spread of pathogenic species including Vibrio species

  • Inhibits algal bloom

  • Reduces sludge built up

  • Improves the productivity of vannamei shrimps

Penaeus vannamei can be cultured at high seeding density of 150/m2 in pond culture to even 400/ m2 in recirculated water. Controlling the environmental factors is crucial for the growth of vannamei species. However, certain conditions like variations in pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and nitrogen levels, other nutrient levels and production of hydrogen sulphide gas, cannot be regulated by aquaculturists directly. Thus, Bioclean Aqua Plus can be utilized to stabilize these conditions.

Bioclean Aqua Plus essentially embodies a consortia of beneficial microbes which can equilibrate the fluctuating temperature and pH conditions, neutralize the toxic nutrient load and inhibit the production of hydrogen sulphide gas.

Another issue perturbing the aquaculturists worldwide is that of unwanted algal growth. Algae is found in natural water bodies at lower concentrations. Their growth is dependent on the availability of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Lack of these nutrients inhibit algal growth. However, certain conditions like influx of sewage water or agricultural wash harboring excessive volumes of organic feed in to aquaculture systems enhance the nutrient levels of these systems. Consecutively, an increase in algal growth is witnessed. As algae grows, it utilizes the dissolved oxygen levels of water, thereby depriving the other aquatic of oxygen. Oxygen deprivation lowers the hatching rates and may even lead to death of aquatic organisms in extreme cases.

Bioclean Aqua Plus encompasses specific microbes which have the innate ability to rapidly utilize nitrogen and phosphorus from water bodies. Thus, algal growth is inhibited. Once the normal nutrient levels are restored, the microbes revert to their dormant states. An exquisite feature of these microbes is that they do not lower the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies despite of consuming of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients. These are completely safe and effective. These also provide bio security of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) and Specific Pathogen Resistant (SPR) grown seeds of vannamei.

  • Faster degradation of organic wastes
  • Curbs the growth of unwanted pathogens especially Vibrio species
  • Inhibits of algal bloom
  • Reduces total sludge content
  • Eliminates suspended matter
  • Enhances the growth of vannamei shrimp
  • Ensures biosecurity to SPF and SPR grown seeds
  • Degrades ammonia, nitrate, hydrogen sulphide naturally

I highly recommend the use Bioclean Aqua Plus for shrimp and fish farming. Bioclean Aqua Plus has inhibited the growth of blue- green algae. The overall water quality was enhanced and the health of fish and shrimps has improved significantly

-Ramaswamy Balasubramaniyan, Bhimavaram

Bioclean Aqua Plus is a truly incredible product. It has eliminated the issue of algal bloom in my aquaculture farm. Excessive algal growth perturbed the dissolved oxygen levels in my farm which lead to massive shrimp killings. Bioclean Aqua Plus has boosted the immunity of shrimps and reduced the toxic load in water resource.

-Venkant Menon, Kerala
  • How does Bioclean Aqua Plus improve the overall water quality of aquaculture farms?
    Often during intensive farming of vannamei excessive accumulation of organic waste, in the form of uneaten feed and animal excreta, takes place. These are converted in to potently toxic metabolites. Consequently, the growth of shrimps is adversely affected. Bioclean Aqua Plus quintessentially comprises of specialized microbes which work in synergy to degrade the toxic compounds in the aquafarm efficiently. These microbes facilitate the rapid breakdown of ammonia in water systems. Rampant rise in ammonia levels can impact the growth of shrimps in an unflattering manner. This product curbs the formation of hydrogen sulphide thereby controlling the emission of foul odour.

  • How does Bioclean Aqua Plus improve the health of vannamei?
    Bioclean Aqua Plus improves the overall health of vannamei greatly. The microbes in Bioclean Aqua Plus inhibit algal bloom, which in turn stabilizes the oxygen levels and enhances animal growth. Bioclean Aqua Plus enhances the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of shrimps. This product boosts the immunity of shrimps and prevents the occurrence of Early Mortality Syndrome, White Gut and White Feces diseases in shrimps.

  • How can we assess the growth of aquatic animals?
    Growth of shrimps can be assessed in terms of weight gained by these animals. Normally, a shrimp’s weight increases by 0.5 gram every week. Bioclean Aqua Plus on the hand, increases the weight of shrimps by 2-3 grams every week.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Aqua Plus?
    The dosing regime of Bioclean Aqua Plus is divided in to two phases viz an inception dose and a maintenance dose. For initial dosing, approximately 300-500 grams of the product should be applied per acre of the aqua farm. This dose should be administered 3 days prior to stocking. A maintenance dose of 250 grams of product/acre should be applied every 7-10 days, till the time of harvesting.

  • What is the shelf life of Bioclean Aqua Plus ?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Aqua Plus are micro-encapsulated . Owing to this, the product possesses a shelf life of 2 years, commencing from the date of packaging. The microbes remain in their dormant states and have 95-98 % reactivation rates within the tenure of product shelf life.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean Aqua Plus genetically modified?
    Bioclean Aqua Plus comprises of naturally occurring microbes, which are specifically chosen for their beneficial traits. These microbes are not genetically modified in any way.

  • Does Bioclean Aqua Plus possess any undesirable side effects?
    Bioclean Aqua Plus comprises of GRAS organisms. These microbes do not harm the humans, plants.

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