Tiger Shrimp Farming

Salient Features:-

  • Improves the productivity and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of shrimps

  • Reduces the BOD and COD levels of water

  • Boosts the immunity of shrimps

  • Inhibits algal bloom

  • Enables higher stocking rates and curbs the emission of foul odour

Bioclean Aqua is a complete aquacultural solution, addressing the issue of fluctuating environmental factors and aids the health of aquatic organisms. It is a multi-pronged approach aimed at providing maximal yield per acre of agricultural farm. Bioclean Aqua embodies a consortia of beneficial, robust microbes and enzymes which can be used extensively for culturing of Penaeus monodon.

Microbes and enzymes present in Bioclean Aqua have the innate ability to rapidly degrade complex toxins and compounds containing phosphate and ammonia, into simpler non- toxic forms. Therefore, Bioclean Aqua leads to inhibition of algal bloom and protects the water body from oxygen deprivation.

Reduction in ammonia levels relieves the shrimps from excessive stress, which in turn increases the gross harvesting rates of tiger shrimps. These microbes maintain the pH of water in the optimal range of 7.8 to 8.5. Bioclean Aqua also facilitates the removal of nitrites and hydrogen sulphide gas and consequently curtails the generation of foul odour.

Bioclean Aqua also harbour anti-pathogenic properties which inhibit the growth of any undesirable, contaminating microbes. These microbes can be employed as an anti-fungal and anti-vibrio agents. Bioclean Aqua protects the shrimps from several diseases including brown blood disease.

These microbes possess the ability to break down complex feed particles into simpler absorb-able forms. An amalgamation of all these favorable effects results in the growth of healthy shrimp. It also prevents clump formation resulting from dead planktons in addition to lowering the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the water body. Bioclean Aqua is a premier product helping the aquaculturists worldwide.

Bioclean Aqua is certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority- Government of India (CAA) as an Antibiotic-free aquaculture input.

  • Improves the health of shrimps and helps in maintaining water quality. This leads to mark increase in total shrimp yield and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

  • Decomposes organic sludge and reduces the need for water exchanges.

  • Reduces ammonia levels, algal growth and prevents brown gill disease.

  • Stabilizes oxygen levels hence the shrimp can breathe easily

  • Reduces off-flavoured product.

  • Boosts immunity of animal, reduces mortality and improves survival rates.

  • Enables higher stocking rates.

  • Reduces the time required for ideal growth of shrimps(DOC), hence time taken to market is lower.

  • Produces healthy animals free from diseases.

  • Prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead planktons.

  • Facilitates the removal of Hydrogen Sulphide.

  • Reduces BOD and COD levels

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The stalking density of my tiger shrimp farm was 12 /m2. Bioclean Aqua maintained the pH of my tiger shrimp farm in the range of 7.9-8.5. The average weights of the shrimps increased considerably and these shrimps exhibited 85% survival rates. Bioclean Aqua is an incredible product.

-M.S.R. Aqua , Prakasam- Andhra Pradesh

Upon the usage of Bioclean Aqua, the crops adorned light clean colour. The pH of the water body was maintained in the range of 8.2 to 8.5. The ammonia levels reduce greatly. The animals appeared fresh with no foul stench.

-G.V. Suya N. Raju, Krishna- Andhra Pradesh
  • How does Bioclean Aqua improve the overall water quality of aquaculture farms?
    Tiger shrimp farming involves accumulation of organic wastes. These wastes deter the water quality in aqua farms and impact the growth of tiger shrimps in an adverse manner. Microbes present in Bioclean Aqua work in an orchestrated manner to facilitate disintegration of these wastes in to simpler compounds. This product curbs the formation of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia gases, thereby controlling the emission of foul odour.

  • How does Bioclean Aqua improve the health of tiger shrimps?
    Bioclean Aqua improves the overall health of tiger shrimps greatly. The microbes in Bioclean Aqua Plus inhibit algal bloom and reduce the net ammonia levels in shrimp farms. Consequently, the shrimps are relieved from stressful conditions and the harvesting rates of tiger shrimps increase substantially. The overall Feed Conversion Ratio of shrimps is enhanced. This product boosts the immunity of shrimps and prevents the occurrence of brown blood disease in tiger shrimps.

  • What the different methods for assessing the growth of aquatic animals?
    Growth of shrimps can be estimated by the weight gained by these aquatic animals. Normally, the animal weight increases by 0.5 gram every week. However, a significant increase in weight of tiger shrimps is observed upon the administration of Bioclean Aqua. It is observed that weight of shrimps increases by 2-3 grams every week.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Aqua ?
    Bioclean Aqua adopts a systematic dosing regime which varies according to season, water source and infection rate in the shrimp farms. Its dosing regime is divided into two phases including an initial dose and a maintenance dose. An inception dose of approximately 250-350 grams should be applied per acre of the aqua farm, at least 3 days prior to stocking. A maintenance dose should be applied every 7-10 days, till the time of harvesting. This dose embodies 100-150 grams of the product/ acre of aqua farm.

  • What is the shelf life of Bioclean Aqua ?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Aqua are micro-encapsulated. Consequently, this product possesses a shelf life of 2 years, commencing from the date of packaging. The microbes remain in their dormant states and have 95-98 % reactivation rates within the tenure of the product shelf life.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean Aqua genetically modified?
    The microbes in Bioclean Aqua are isolated from their natural habitats, which are specifically cultivated for their desirable traits. These microbes are not genetically altered in any way.

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