Fish Aquaculture

Salient Features:-

  • Lowers the dissolved ammonia and nitrate levels through biological means

  • Stabilises the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies

  • Curbs emission of foul odour

  • Protects the fish from an array of bacterial and fungal diseases

  • Improves water quality

Bioclean Aqua Fish, like other Bioclean Aqua products, harbours a well-balanced mix of microbes which can improve water quality and enhance the health of fish. Bioclean Aqua Fish is a consortia of robust and highly efficient microbes and enzymes, which are highly capable of degrading ammonia in water.

If ammonia levels increase indiscriminately, reduction in the productivity of fish occurs. Bioclean Aqua Fish ensures that hazardous compounds entering the water body are maintained at concentrations well below their toxic levels. Bioclean Aqua Fish also facilitates the breakdown of nitrates and hydrogen sulphide in the water body. This results in elimination of foul odour and maintenance of the overall health of water body. Microbes in Bioclean Aqua Fish have an anti pathogenic effect owing to which a marked decrease in the concentration of undesirable microbes is observed.

Organisms in Bioclean Aqua Fish are bestowed with the ability of degrading these toxic compounds without enhancing the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) any further. It also helps stabilizing the dissolved oxygen level in water body by lowering the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) levels of the same.

Bioclean Aqua Fish is certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority- Government of India, as an Antibiotic-free aquaculture input.

  • Reduces Ammonia levels through biological means .

  • Stabilizes Dissolved Oxygen level in water.

  • Aids in maintaining the water quality and color.

  • Balances and maintains pH & alkalinity.

  • Ensures that water is free from toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and nitrites.

  • Harbours anti pathogenic properties which protect the fish from diseases

  • Improves fish survival rates.

  • Develops and maintains favorable planktons.

  • Curbs blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) menace

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I have been using Bioclean Aqua Fish for past 7 months in my Koi pond. After using this product, I could see a significant difference in the algal growth in the pond. The TDS meter reading of water indicates the efficiency of this product at dispersing solids. Prior to the usage of this product, I used to clean my mechanical filter daily but now weekly cleaning is all that is required. Feed intake is ameliorated.

-Mr Ashok , The Alleppey Company Ltd ( Kerala)

I have been using Bioclean Aqua Fish for Catla and Rohu farm in Vemba. Bioclean Aqua Fish lowered the ammonia levels in my farms. The harvested fishes were of increased sizes and bore glazing scales. The survival rates of fishes increased to 85%.

-Mr. Ajay Rajju, Bhimvaram – Andhra Pradesh
  • How does Bioclean Aqua Fish improve the overall water quality of water sources?
    Bioclean Aqua Fish quintessentially comprises of robust microbes which degrade the toxic compounds in the water body efficiently. These microbes facilitate the rapid breakdown of ammonia in water systems. Indiscriminate rise in ammonia level leads to excessive foaming in water sources and confers turbid appearance to the water resource. Bioclean Aqua Fish inhibits the emission of foul odour by curbing the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas. These microbes aid in complete disintegration of organic pollutants in the water body without putting any undue pressure on the BOD levels of the water source.

  • How does Bioclean Aqua Fish improve the health of fish?
    Bioclean Aqua Fish ameliorates the health of fish in a multifaceted manner. It lowers the ammonia level in water resource and directly impacts the health of fish. The microbes in Bioclean Aqua Fish rapidly utilize the dissolved nutrients in water, including nitrates and phosphates, and in turn curb algal bloom. This product aids in stabilization of dissolved oxygen levels in water body. These microbes compete with undesirable pathogens for nutrients and curtail their proliferation.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Aqua Fish?
    Bioclean Aqua Fish should be applied fortnightly. Its dosage depends on an array of external parameters like type of water resource, season, climate and infection rate. Approximately 1 kg of Bioclean Aqua Fish is required per hectare of aquaculture farm, for a depth of 1.2 meters.

  • What is the shelf life of Bioclean Aqua Fish?
    Bioclean Aqua Fish possess a shelf life of 2 years, commencing from the date of packaging. The microbes present in Bioclean Aqua Fish are micro-encaplsulated and have 95-98 % reactivation rates within the tenure of the product shelf life.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean Aqua Fish genetically modified?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Aqua Fish are isolated from their natural habitat and harbour no genetic modification. These microbes are selectively cultivated for their beneficial traits.

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