Aqua Hatcheries

Salient Features:-

  • Lowers organic load in hatcheries

  • Prevents the occurrence of diseases

  • Curbs the production of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, thereby preventing the emission of foul odour

  • Maintains overall water quality

  • Induces molting of aquatic animals

Bioclean Aqua Hatchery is an organic product which encompasses a proprietary blend of well curated microbial strains, enzymes and growth factors. These work in synergy to not only lower the toxic load in the tank but also create a beneficial and healthier niche for larvae. Bioclean Aqua Hatchery facilitates the breakdown of complex, toxic compounds containing nitrogen and phosphate, into simpler products like carbon dioxide and water.

Often, partial degradation of organic feed and molting cells can serve as breeding ground for pathogenic strains including Vibrio. Excessive accumulation of toxic products can lead to release of offensive smell, poor feed intake and also induce the abode of blue green algae. Our product helps in reduction of foul odour and in alleviating disease conditions like necrosis, swollen hind gut and restricted molting.

It is preferable to pretreat the water with Bioclean Aqua Hatcheries before introduction of the Nauplii into the tank. The number of water exchanges can be reduced by using Bioclean Aqua Hatchery. Thus, the use of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery can reap enormous profits to the hatchery owners while enhancing the productivity of larvae. The product is completely safe and is a very reliable way of culturing aquatic animals.

Bioclean Hatchery is certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority- Government of India, as an Antibiotic-free aquaculture input.

  • Reduces organic carbon load
  • Lowers the occurrence of diseases by reducing the bacterial, fungal and viral loads
  • Controls foul odour by lowering the levels of gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Induces molting
  • Regulates toxicity caused by heavy metals
  • Maintains water quality
  • Improves the survival rate of aquatic animals

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The tiger shrimps in our hatchery have exhibited better feed intake and good stress tolerance in freshwater bodies upon the subsequent usage of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery. We have witnessed an improvement in their growth rates and obtained 99% HAPA survival rate.

-M/s Raj Hatcheries Pvt.Ltd , Tamil Nadu

We used Bioclean Aqua Hatchery for cultivating tiger shrimps and scampi . This product has worked well in our hatchery. The ammonia levels of the aquafarm were found to be minimum. It has also protected our shrimps from deleterious diseases like swollen hind gut and necrosis. 99% HAPA survival was observed.

-Sri Venkateswara Hatcheries, Kakinada- AndhraPradesh
  • How does Bioclean Aqua Hatchery improve the overall water quality of water sources?
    Bioclean Aqua Hatchery encompasses effective microbes which degrade the toxic compounds in the fish and shrimps hatcheries efficiently. These microbes facilitate the complete disintegration of ammonia in water systems. Indiscriminate rise in ammonia level leads to excessive foaming in hatcheries and confers turbid appearance to the water resource. Bioclean Aqua Hatchery lowers the net BOD levels in the hatcheries.

  • How does Bioclean Aqua Hatchery improve the health of fish and shrimps in hatcheries?
    Bioclean Aqua Hatchery adopts a multi pronged approach to improve the health of fish and shrimps in hatcheries. It is an ideal water and soil probiotic. It lowers the ammonia level of hatcheries and directly impacts the health of fish and shrimps. The microbes in Bioclean Aqua Hatchery rapidly utilize the dissolved nitrates and phosphates in water which in turn curb algal bloom. This product stabilizes the dissolved oxygen levels in water body. These microbes protect the fish and shrimps in the hatcheries from infestation by viral, fungal and bacterial agents.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery?
    The dosage of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery depends on an array of external parameters like type of water resource, season, climate and infection rate. Bioclean Aqua Hatchery should be applied on alternate days. Its dosage varies between 0.5 – 4 ppm. The product should be brewed for 4 hours and filtered through 100 micron mesh.

  • What is the shelf life of Bioclean Aqua Hatchery ?
    Bioclean Aqua Hatchery comprises of microbes which are micro-encapsulated. Owing to this, the product exists in powder form and possess a shelf life of 2 years from the date of packaging. These microbes have 95-98 % reactivation rates within the tenure of product shelf life.

  • Are the microbes in Bioclean Aqua Hatchery genetically modified?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Aqua Hatcheries are natural isolates which harbour no genetic modification. These microbes are selectively cultivated for their beneficial traits.

  • Does Bioclean Aqua Hatchery possess any undesirable side effects?
    Bioclean Aqua Hatchery embodies extremely secure microbes which pose no untoward harm to humans, plants and animals. These microbes are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) organisms.

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