Aqua Gut Probiotics

Salient Features:-

  • Improves nuturition uptake in aquatic animals

  • Enhances the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and overall productivity of aquatic animals

  • Solves white gut problems
  • Boosts the immunity of aquatic animals

  • Prevents the occurrence of white feces disease, loose shell and soft shell issues in aquatic animals

  • Ameliorates growth-molt cycle in animals

Based on our years of conversant research, we have developed BioGut Aqua for aquatic animals. BioGut Aqua is certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority- Government of India, as an Antibiotic- free aquaculture input. It is a revolutionary feed probiotic product comprising of beneficial microbes/enzymes which enhance the overall health of shrimps and fish.

Different probiotic species in BioGut Aqua form a biofilm which covers the gut of aquatic animals. This biofilm is protective in function and prevents the spread of pathogenic microbes through the gut tissue. Consequently, the aquatic organism remains unharmed despite the presence of dissolved pathogenic microbes in surrounding water.

BioGut Aqua ameliorates the immunity of aquatic organisms and stimulates the production of immunoactive subtances against various antigens. To ensure that the well-being and overall health of the aquatic animal is restored in true sense, our product also harbors beneficial , digestion enhancing bacteria. These probiotics facilitate the optimal utilization of food supplied to aquatic animals. These organisms break intricate, complex food components in to simpler, absorbable forms. Our product, thus enhances the overall growth rate and improves the Feed Conversion Ratio of fish and shrimps.

It bestows upon aquatic animals the innate ability to fight stressful conditions. BioGut Aqua thereby aids in disease resistance, improvement in molting cycles and lowering of whit gut/ white feces problem associated with shrimps. It is also highly effective in enhancing the hematocyte profile in shrimps. When used regularly as feed additive, BioGut Aqua reduces soft or loose shell syndrome. BioGut Aqua comprises of well curated and safe microbial organisms which lead to desired outcome. BioGut Aqua is an ideal gut probiotic for Penaeus monodon (tiger) shrimps, L.vannamei (Pacific white shrimp) shrimp, fresh water shrimps and fishes.

  • Improves and balances the grow-molt-grow cycle.

  • Circumvents the soft shell or loose shell problems of aquatic animals

  • Improves gut micro flora and reduces white gut/white feces problems.

  • Improves the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) thereby enhancing the productivity of aquatic animals.

  • Increases nutritional uptake from feed even in poor climatic conditions

  • Enhances the immune response in animals, thus conferring disease resistance to aquatic animals

  • Enhances the ability of animals to overcome stress, thereby improving the survival rate of aquatic animals.

  • Better assimilation of nutrients and microelements.

  • Facilitates faster tissue repair and wound healing in aquatic animals.

  • Improves the shrimp haemocyte profile.

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In spite of having a higher stocking density of 20/m2, a good FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) was observed in shrimp farm. The shrimp growth rates were delighting and the total survival rate of shrimp was around 87%. BioGut Aqua eliminated the white gut problems, which were very evident prior to its usage.

-Mr Sakti Reddy, Kakinada – Andhra Pradesh.

The ponds treated with BioGut Aqua exhibited a proper molting cycle. The shrimps in these ponds did not suffer from any “loose shell” problems. The weights of these shrimps were found to be 15% higher than the shrimps in non treated pond.

-Mr R.G Periyasamy, Pattukottai- Tamil Nadu
    • How does BioGut Aqua aid in enhancing diseases resistance?
      BioGut Aqua inhibits the growth of undesirable bacterial pathogens including Salmonella, Clostridia and E.coli . These microbes hinder the vital processes of proper nutrient uptake and absorption which perturb the intestinal niche and eventually lead to more grave disease conditions. A well-balanced microflora prevents the occurence of illness in fish by a method referred as “competitive exclusion”. Beneficial microbes occupy the enteric sites . This in turn prevents the pathogenic bacteria from proliferating and establishing themselves.

    • What are the unique features of BioGut Aqua?
      The unique features of BioGut Aqua are
      a) BioGut Aqua is a consortium of highly beneficial proprietary strains of bacteria.
      b) BioGut Aqua reduces disease-causing organisms in the gut through the natural process of “competitive exclusion”.
      c) BioGut Aqua is not limited to the intestinal tract only but is also active on gills and skin of the animal.
      d) BioGut Aqua is effective over a wide range of climatic conditions.
      e) BioGut Aqua improves the immune systems of the animal.
      f) BioGut Aqua produces critical nutrients and growth factors that catalyze many biological processes.

    • Are the microbes used in BioGut Aqua safe?
      The microbes used in BioGut Aqua are completely secure . These bear no pathogenecity towards humans, animals and plants.

    • Are the microbes used BioGut Aqua altered genetically?
      The microbes used in BioGut Aqua are natural isolates, which are selectively cultivated for their favorable characteristics.These are not genetically modified in any way.

    • How is BioGut Aqua helpful?
      BioGut Aqua is a feed probiotic which helps in maintaining the microfauna balance in the intestine of shrimps. Certain conditions like external stress, antibiotic treatment, high stocking density, low DO levels etc, adversely affect the microbes present in the intestinal niche of the shrimps. This in turn reduces the beneficial, health-promoting bacteria. In such instances, use of BioGut Aqua ameliorates the overall health of shrimps and induces proper molting cycle in shrimps.

    • Can BioGut Aqua be used for organic shrimp farming?
      BioGut Aqua is a certified organic product. This product can be safely used for organic shrimp farming.

    • What is the shelf life of BioGut Aqua?
      The microbes in BioGut Aqua are micro-encapsulated and possess a shelf life of 2 years, commencing from the date of packaging.

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