Aquaculture is gaining prominence steadily. It inherently involves the farming of shrimps, shellfish, molluscs, fish and aquatic plants. Aquaculture is a growing sector, making vital contributions to global economy and employment. An intricate interplay of biotechnological tools, microbes and enzymes can improve water and soil quality and enhance the health of aquatic animals. Scientists at Organica Biotech have developed next generation tools for aquaculture. Our products not only enhance the health and growth rate of farmed species but also contribute in enviornmental protection. These products can be used for diverse aquatic animals and improve the management and conservation of wild stocks.

Products and Services

  1. Vannamei Farming (Penaeus vannamei)Bioclean Aqua Plus is a remedial blend of microbes which work in synergy to maintain the conditions of shrimp farm. The microbes stabilize the capricious conditions of aquaculture farms, maintain good algal bloom, reduce ammonia and nitrate levels, curb the spread of undesirable pathogens and improve the net productivity of yields.

  2. Aqua hatcheries– Bioclean Aqua Hatchery comprises of elixir blend of microbes which facilitate the degradation of organic compounds, inhibit algal bloom, curtail the spread of pathogenic strains including Vibrio species and eliminate the root of offensive odour . It induces molting in shrimps and prevents the occurrence of diseases like necrosis, swollen hind gut and restricted molting.

  3. Aqua Gut Probiotic– Aqua Gut Probiotic comprises of a unique blend of microbes which degrade the complex feed particles in to simple, absorb-able forms. This product stimulates the production of immunoactive substances against various antigens. The Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of fish and shrimps is ameliorated. Cumulatively, the overall health of fish and shrimps is improved.

  4. Tiger Shrimp Framing (Penaeus Monodon) – Bioclean Aqua is an exemplary product for tiger shrimp farming. It quintessentially comprises of remedial blend of microbes which reduce sludge build up, prevent spread of diseases, curb the formation of odourous hydrogen sulphide and permit higher stocking rates. This product reduces the frequency of water change.

  5. Fish Aquaculture– Bioclean Aqua Fish lowers the toxic load in water bodies, alleviates the emission of foul odour, lowers the COD and BOD levels in water, regulates the ammonia levels in water resources and curb the spread of pathogens. Thus, the overall health of fish and aquatic animals is improved.

Products for Aquaculture

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