Poultry Feed Probiotic

Salient Features:-

  • Prevents the growth and spread of pathogens

  • Increases the thickness of eggs

  • Ensures maximum assimilation and utilization of nutrients

  • Reduces the overall medical, feed and management expenses

External factors like environmental stress and pathogens hinder the growth and overall productivity of poultry animals. Juvenile chickens are at an increased risk owing to a poorly developed immune system. Poultry animals are incompetent at effective assimilation of nutrients. Consequently, farmers make colossal investments on antibiotics, feed and management of poultry animals.

Probiotics shelter resilient microbes which boost digestive systems enhance the functioning of the digestive system of various animals thereby improving the overall health and productivity of animals.

ZOOM Poultry comprises of elixir microbes. These are essential for maintaining stable gut micro-flora, thereby improving the overall health of the animals. A well balanced gut microflora accounts for healthy organisms with enhanced productivity. These microbes hasten the breakdown of complex feed particles in to simpler forms like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These microbes augment the absorption of these nutrients and improve the precaecal digestion of amino acids. Thus, ZOOM Poultry improves feed conversion ratio in broilers.

Further, these microbes in CIBUZZ Poultry colonize the digestive tract of poultry animals and inhibit the adherence and proliferation of unwanted pathogens. This phenomenon is termed as competitive exclusion. It boosts the immunity of poultry animals and lowers the incidence of goiter and granuloma in poultry. This aids in tissue repairing and wound healing. Consequently, the net bird mortality rate decreases. This is especially critical in juvenile poultry animals, in which a stable micro-flora is not yet established.

CIBUZZ Poultry increases the thickness of eggs and escalates the hatchibity of eggs. The overall fecundity of poultry animal is enhanced. This product cumulatively renders immense profit to the farmers.

  • Curbs bacterial infections.

  • Higher and persistent antibody titers.

  • Ensures maximum assimilation and utilization of nutrients.

  • Results in thick shelled eggs.

  • Improves FCR in broilers.

  • Improves hatchability and performance in breeders.

  • Inhibits the production of toxic amines and ammonia.

  • Reduces feed cost, medicine cost and management expenses

  • Renders colossal profits to the farmer.

  • Optimizes gut microflora and boosts gut mucosal immunity.

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CIBUZZ Poultry is an excellent probiotic.  It is highly economical. This product increases the resistance of avians to virulent agents like Candida. One can surely find an increase in the appetite of their caged birds after its use. I would advice everyone to use ZOOM in your aviary.

-Sarit Tarafdar, Gujarat

I am extremely contented with performance of CIBUZZ Poultry. Prior to its usage, the juvenile chickens in my poultry suffered from diseases which were fatal but now the survival rates of the chickens have improved tremendously. It has also improved the hatchibilty of eggs and ameliorated the overall meat quality.

-Uday Sheth, Haryana
  • What are the common reasons for the depletion of beneficial gut microflora?
    Some common reasons for depletion of gut microbes are :
    a. Factors causing environmental stress like introduction of new herd, overcrowding in cage, so on and so forth.
    b. Extremity of temperatures.
    c. Changes in diet and breeding patterns
    d. Usage of antibiotics or occurrence of processes like deworming and prophylaxis.

  • Why are probiotics imperative for maintaining the health of the livestock?
    Colonization of the intestinal tract with pathogens can have grim implications on the health and productivity of livestock. When the intestinal microflora is perturbed, the processes of nutrient assimilation and uptake, reproduction and performance are hampered. A viable probiotic supplement maintains and replenishes the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract. These microbes facilitate the extraction of fats, proteins and carbohydrates from animal feed.  Thus, the overall health of poultry animals is improved. These microbes curb the growth of unwanted pathogens through competitive exclusion Probiotics are imperative for juvenile chicks, in which well balanced microflora is not established. This product also improves the hatachability in breeders.

  • Are the microbes used in CIBUZZ Poultry genetically modified?
    The microbes used in CIBUZZ Poultry are isolated from nature. These are further selected and cultivated on the basis of their desirable traits. These aren’t genetically modified in any way.

  • Will CIBUZZ Poultry adversely affect the health of animals?
    CIBUZZ Poultry consists of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) microbes. These microbes are extremely secure and bear no pathogenicity towards plants, animals and humans.

  • What is the dosage of CIBUZZ Poultry?
    Dosage ofCIBUZZ Poultry lies in the range of 5-10g/L of drinking water. This dose is highly dependent on the external conditions of the poultry farm.

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