Cattle Feed Probiotic

Salient Features:-

  • Improves total milk yield

  • Protects the cattle animals from pathogens

  • Boosts the overall immunity of cattle animals

  • Enhances the nutrition assimilation and uptake by cattle animals

Cattle rearing is often susceptible to issues like bacterial infection, methane gas emission, lower reproductive rates and inferior quality of milk. Thus cattle animals thus are incapable of optimally absorbing the nutrients. Therefore, the growth of cattle animals is stunted. This adversely affects the quality and quantity of milk.

A well balanced micro-fauna in the gut of cattle animals is vital for maintaining the health and performance of the cattle animals. Hence, the feeding strategies are modified to incorporate the beneficial probiotics in animal feed.

ZOOM Cattle quintessentially comprises of micro-flora which enhances the overall health and productivity of cattle animals. These microbes adopt a multi pronged approach to boost the immunity of cattle animals.These microbes also inhibit the growth of detrimental pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli through competitive exclusion. It also alleviates the growth of detrimental pathogens through competitive exclusion. ZOOM Cattle also inhibits the growth of extremely potent pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli, which have grave implications on the health of cattle animals.

ZOOM Cattle also stabilizes the conditions of microbial niche in the rumen of cattle. It invigorates the processes of nutrient assimilation and uptake in both juvenile and mature animals. It increases the appetite of animals, reduces flatulence and enhances the Feed Conversion Rate in cattle animals. It also promotes estrous cycle synchronization in the first born cattle. ZOOM Cattle leads to net increase in the reproduction rates of cattle.

ZOOM Cattle not only ameliorates the fat and protein content of milk but also increases the total milk yield. It positively impacts the quality of meat and aids increasing the net meat production. It confers the vital benefit of increased profitability to the farmers.

  • Protects cattle animals from enteric pathogens

  • Boosts the immunity of cattle

  • Enhances the nutrient assimilation and uptake

  • Improves the buffering capacity of the rumen of cattle

  • Reduces bovine mastitis morbidity

  • Increases the total milk yield

  • Enhances milk and meat quality

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ZOOM Cattle is an incredible product which has improved the protein and fat content in the total milk yield of my cattle animals. It has boosted the process of nutrient assimilation in both juvenile and mature animals. In addition to this, the appetite, flatulence and Feed Conversion Ratio of these animals are also enhanced. I highly recommend the use of this product

-Ravi More, Maharashtra

ZOOM Cattle is an exemplary product which has improved the health of my cattle. It has not only improved the health of my cattle tremendously but has also increased the total milk yield. Zoom Cattle improves the feed intake of my cattle animals owing to which I observed a net increase in the weights of animals.

-Mr Rajiv Thakur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Are the microbes used in ZOOM Cattle genetically modified?
    The microbes used in ZOOM Cattle are natural isolates, which are chosen for their favorable characteristics. These are not genetically altered in any way.

  • Do the microbes used in ZOOM Cattle possess any adverse side effects on the health of cattle?
    The microbes used in ZOOM Cattle are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) organisms. These are extremely safe towards humans, plants and animals.

  • How does ZOOM Cattle provide disease resistance to cattle animals?
    ZOOM Cattle inhibits the growth of unwanted pathogens, including Salmonella and E.coli. These perturb the conditions of intestinal niche and may lead to grim disease conditions. Well balanced microflora curtails the growth of pathogens through the principle of competitive exclusion. The former microbes occupy the enteric sites and prevent the pathogenic microbial strains from establishing themselves. Thus, their proliferation is inhibited.

  • Can ZOOM Cattle enhance the overall health of cattle animals?
    ZOOM Cattle ameliorates the conditions of intestinal niche and further boost the immunity of animals. A fairly hostile and well balanced system is created, which can mitigate the immunological stress associated with a disease condition. Hence, the overall immunity of the animal is aggrandized.

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