A marked increase in the demand of animal based products has characterized the previous decade. Biotechnology has opened new avenues for enhancing animal health and increasing livestock productivity. Numerous probiotics and enzyme formulations have been employed in animal farms. These supplements, when administered in appropriate quantities, benefit the host in a multifaceted fashion. These products also curtail the growth of unwanted pathogens through competitive exclusion. It facilitates the breakdown of complex food in to simpler amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in a superlative fashion. This product ensures that the overall health of the animal is ameliorated.

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    1. Poultry Feed Probiotic – ZOOM Poultry essentially comprises of beneficial microbes, which are imperative for maintaining stable gut microflora in poultry animals. Thus, the overall health of poultry animals in enhanced. These microbes improve the nutrient assimilation process and also aid in curbing the spread of pathogens. The product also enhances the quality of meat and increases the thickness of eggs.

    2. Cattle Feed Probiotic – These microbes work in synergy to stabilize the conditions of the microbial niche in the rumen of the cattle. These microbes aggrandize the immunity of cattle. ZOOM Cattle increases the appetite of the animals, reduces flatulence and enhances the Feed Conversion Rate in cattle. The quality and total milk yield is improved.

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