Solid Waste Composting

Salient Features:-

  • Hastens the process of composting

  • Curbs foul odour

  • Prevents the growth and spread of pathogens

  • Serves as soil conditioner

Composting provides an adept, natural alternative to the conventional techniques of handling solid wastes. Present day waste handling techniques including inceniration and sanitary landfills, have several associated environmental implications. Composting is the aerobic decomposition of organic putrescible waste by microbes under controlled conditions.

Composting essentially comprises of three main stages including the initial mesophilic stage, the middle thermophilic stage which can extend from a few days to weeks and lastly, the maturation stage. When the process of composting commences, microbes rapidly consume oxygen and readily soluble components of raw organic matter. As the microbial activity progresses, one witnesses a steep rise in the temperature of the windrow. This high temperature characterises the thermophilic stage of composting. During this stage optimal degradation of hemicellulose and cellulose takes place. This abrupt rise in temperature prevents the growth of undesirable pathogens, weed seeds and fly larve. During the maturation stage, normal system temperature is restored. During this stage, stabilization of the composite system is achieved. Increased humidification and regrowth of mesophilic bacteria are the two distinguishing features of this stage.

If left to nature itself, composting is an extremely time consuming and odourous process.

Bioclean Compost comprises of well curated, robust microbial strains which expedite the degradation and conversion of organic wastes in to high value manure. The product basically comprises of the quinessential enzymes and saprophytic microbes, including mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria and molds, originally found in the soil in trace quantities. These microbes employ organic wastes as energy substrate. Bioclean Compost does not lead to putrefaction of organic compounds. Thus, Bioclean Compost not only hastens the process of composting but also curbs the emission of foul odour.

Bioclean Compost also serves the role of soil conditioner! Bioclean Compost also embodies vital nutrients which are indispensable for the growth and activity of microbes. It alters the porosity and water retention capacity of soil. It is suitable for use in flower and vegetable gardens, fortifying landscapes, landscaping and mulches.Bioclean Compost is certified by ECOCERT, France as a completely organic product, which when used for composting can reap several benefits.

  • Hastens the composting process

  • Curbs the emission of foul odour

  • Acts as soil conditioner

  • Curtails the growth of undesirable pathogens and weed seeds

  • Effective under an array of environmental conditions

  • Enhances the quality of final compost product

  • Lowers pollution

  • Improved land application

Bioclean Compost has hastened the process of composting in my pit . Prior to the usage of this product, my compost pit exuded an offensive stench which made residing in the vicinity of the pit difficult. However, Bioclean Compost has eliminated this issue from the root cause !

-Mr Jayantilal Kale, Nasik

Composting my garden and kitchen waste was initially a cumbersome process, requiring a lot of time. However, Bioclean Compost accelerated the conversion of these wastes in to high value manure. This manure is a rich source of soil nutrients and is a superlative soil conditioner !

-Vidya Bhandary, Hyderabad
  • What should the C:N ratio be for composting??
    Optimal C:N ratio is imperative for composting. Ideally, C:N ratio is 30 parts of C to 1 part of N by weight. If the C:N ratio is too high then the decomposition process is slow. On the other hand, in instances of low C:N ratio, the excess nitrogen vaporizes as ammonia gas and leads to odour emission.

  • How important is aeration during composting?
    Air at the center of the compost pile is often deprived of oxygen. Aeration provides the means of replacing oxygen-deficient air with fresh air. Rapid aerobic decomposition occurs only when oxygen is present in sufficient quantity. Total air movement throughout the compost pile is affected by spaces between particles in the compost pile and by its moisture content. If the soil becomes saturated with water, the air movement decreases. Regular mixing or turning of the pile fluffs up the material and increases air movement. This ameliorates aeration and decreases compaction.

  • Are the bacteria present in Bioclean Compost genetically modified?
    Microbes present in Bioclean Compost are natural isolates, which are selected for their desirous traits. These are not genetically modified in any way.

  • Is Bioclean Compost safe?
    Bioclean Compost is an extremely safe product bearing no pathogenicity towards humans, animals or plants. The microbes present in Bioclean Compost are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

  • Can Bioclean Compost control odour?
    Bioclean Compost is highly competent at controlling odour. Generally, the formation of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia account for the release of stench. The metabolic pathway of the dominant degrading organism may also lead to the release of odourous compounds. Bioclean Compost contains special robust strains that do not cause putrefaction during the degradation pathway.

  • What is the dosage of Bioclean Compost?
    1 kg of Bioclean Compost is required for 1 ton of solid waste.

  • What common problems are encountered during composting?
    a. Insufficient knowledge about bacterial activity
    b. Incomplete degradation process which often leads to emission of foul odour
    c. Longer bio-degradation process
    d. Low quality end product

  • How is Bioclean Compost superior than other commercially available biological products?
    The microbes present in Bioclean Compost are micro-encapsulated and possess an extended shelf life of 2 years. During packaging, the microbes remain in dormant stage and possess 95-98% reactivation rates within their shelf life.

  • Is Bioclean Compost a powder or liquid?
    Bioclean Compost occurs in a powder form. The microbes in Bioclean Compost are micro-encapsulated. This confers extended shelf life to the products.

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