Commercial Agriculture

Salient Features:-

  • Specially formulated consortia of beneficial microbes helps to sustain, improve soil fertility and enhance crop productivity, qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • Microbes in our products are adaptable to various environmental and soil, crop condition across the globe.

Commercial agriculture is marred with issues of humongous increase in food demand, poor irrigation practices and increased susceptibility of crops to be infected with pathogens. These cumulatively deter the soil quality and adversely affect the total crop yield.

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd has developed an array of products, which are especially tailored to meet all your agricultural based needs. Magic-gro embodies a proprietary blend of microbial and enzymatic system, which is specially designed to facilitate growth and development of crops. These are proficient at making the unavailable nutrients in the soil into available forms and secrets enzymes and amino acid fractions which are useful to plant growth.

The governing principles of this technology are ‘biosensors’ and ‘bioactivators.’ Biosensors sense the nutrient deficiencies in the plant system and activate the bioactivators which transport the micro nutrients such as minerals, enzymes, amino acids and growth hormones, from the local environment into the plant system. Magic-gro facilitates the availability of essential ingredients e.g. vitamins, amino acids, plant growth hormones, micro nutrients, plant stress relievers and essential enzymes to plants This specialized product caters to all the nutrient requirements of the soil and stabilizes the conditions of the microbial niche in the soil.

Magic-gro® is certified by ECOCERT, France as an organic product which is highly competent for use in organic and inorganic farming. It is a completely secure product which confers the virtue of improved immunity to the growing plants. Magic gro can be employed in various agricultural farms in all weather conditions. Magic gro DripSOL is a unique product which can be effectively employed for drip irrigation. It ameliorates the uptake of nutrients by the plant thereby increasing the overall productivity.

Magic gro Super is ideal for spray application. It bestows upon plants the ability to fight various infectious agents. It enhances the immunity of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses. It combats  flower and fruit droping. Magic gro Super also improves the photosynthetic activity and leaf area index of crops. Magic-gro Plus is an amalgamation of unique benefits of both Magic-gro DripSOL and Super.

Magic-gro confers added benefits of increasing seed viability, enhancing buffering properties of soil and improving root respiration. Magic-gro is not a substitute for fertilizer. Fertilizers provide the requisite nutrients to the crops including N, P and K, which are imperative for plant growth.

  • Promotes conversion of unavailable soil nutrients including phosphorus, into plant available forms.
  • Improves immunity of plants.
  • Revitalizes the soil by enhancing the decomposition of organic wastes in to simpler forms.
  • Increases soil buffering properties by increasing humus concentrations.
  • Stimulates plant growth by naturally accelerating cell division. Increases seed germination and viability.
  • Stimulates root growth, thus increasing root density. Increases root respiration and activates plant enzymes.
  • Reduces the net fertilizer load and lowers the dependency on chemical applications.
  • Enhances crop quality and yield.
  • Promotes hastened flowering and fruiting of crops.
  • Activates plant enzymes and increases photosynthetic activity
  • Elevates Cytokinins and Auxins levels to enhance overall plant health
  • Remains effective even in conditions of environmental stress

Application of Magic Gro in my banana plantation has significantly improved the growth and disease resistance of the plants. It has reduced the requirement of chemicals in my farms and has lowered the overall expenses significantly.

– Mr. Shantaram Patil, Jalgaoan -Mumbai

After using Magic Gro, the cotton yield has increased to 15 quintals / acre . The quality of yield is ameliorated and the leaves adorn a bright green appearance. I will continue using the product as I firmly believe that it promotes higher crop productivity

-Mr Satish Barbade, Amravati- Mumbai

I have employed the use of Magic Gro Super in papaya plantation. Prior to the usage of this product, I faced a major issue of flower drop, which was alleviated upon the administration of this product. Fruit infestation with viral agents was extremely rampant in this region. However, Magic gro has cumulatively resulted in enhanced immunity of plants. I recommend all the agriculturists to use this product. The results could be observed within 8 days of product application.

– Kishore Mahajan , Jalgaon- Maharashtra

I have used Magic Gro DripSOL since last 1 month and am extremely contented with its performance. The pigmentation of the leaf was aggrandized . It has protected my plant from deleterious sigatoka disease . The plants exhibit elaborate rooting and increased fruit size. My plot is now reckoned to be the best banana plantation in the district

-Vasant Patil Tandulwadi, Jalgaon- Maharashtra

Magic Gro has benefited my farm in multifaceted fashion. It has improved the nutrient uptake of plants. The overall sizes and texture of my sweet lime fruits have improved tremendously. This product has reduced my dependency on synthetic farming agents and have abated the overall crop harvesting expenses.

– Mr Ram Shankar, Jalgaon-Mumbai

I am extremely elated with the results obtained by using Magic Gro DripSOL and Magic gro Super. It boosted the immunity of the vegetable plant and improved the flowering of the plants immensely. The plant embellished prodigious leaves. These expedite the photosynthetic activity of leaves There was a marked increase in the net yield of the brinjal plant. 0.4 acre of land reaped more than 1000 kg of harvest.

-Mr Vikas Patil, Patan- Gujarat

I have been using Magic Gro DripSOL and Super for my grape plantation since last year. Upon their application, I have witnessed that the grapes adorn a vivacious luster and the overall food productivity is enhanced. The keeping quality of the fruits is ameliorated. In addition to these benefits, these products have acquitted the role of excellent preventive measures for spread of deleterious diseases including downy mildew and blast diseases in grapes.

-Sanjay Bambre, Nashik

Magic Gro has expedited white root formation in my chilli crops. It has improved the quality and quantity of my harvest even in drought like conditions. The photosynthetic activity of leaves is enhanced and the chilli adorn a fresh green and lustrous appearance .These have spelled economic profitability to farmers.

-Gajanan Bodke, Aurangabad
  • What are the reasons for low agricultural yield?
    An amalgamation of various factors are responsible for low agriculture yield. Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides lead to deterioration of soil quality. Improper irrigation practices increase soil salinity and perturb the pH of soil. Lack of seed viability and erratic weather patterns are some additional factors that lower the total agricultural yield.

  • What is Magic gro?
    Magic gro embodies several beneficial microbes which enhance the biological activity in soil and improve the nutritional uptake by plants. These boost the immunity of plants and reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. Magic gro harnesses the theory of biosensors and bioactivators to improve the overall health of plants.

  • How does Magic gro work?
    Microbial biosensors reveal the nutrient deficiencies in the soil and plant system. These sensors engage in quorum sensing pathways and further stimulate bioactivators. These bioactivators aid in transportation of nutrients, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and growth hormones from the exterior environment in to the plant systems. Bioactivators are stimulants which employ sensing mechanisms to achieve desirable results.

  • How do beneficial microbes impact the growth of plants positively?
    Beneficial microbes work in a multifaceted manner to positively impact the growth of plants. Their major effects are as follows:
    a. Positively influence seed germination.
    b. Produce cytokinins and auxins which enhance the root and shoot development.
    c. Engage in nitrogen fixation and make it available for plants
    d. Improve the nutrient assimilation and uptake capabilities of plant
    e. Increase the plant’s ability to fight against biotic and abiotic stress
    f. Form siderphores which increase the uptake of iron

  • Is Magic gro harmful?
    Magic gro is completely safe to plants and animals. All the microbes are natural isolates which do not possess any undesirous side effects.

  • Can Magic gro be applied to all types of crops and plants?
    Yes, Magic gro can be applied to all types of crops and plants.

  • What quantity of Magic gro is required per acre of land?
    Depending upon the crop variety, approximately 250-500 grams of Magic gro is needed per acre of farm.

  • Can Magic gro be mixed with chemical products like fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides?
    Magic gro can be used with chemical fertilizer. However, it shouldn’t be mixed with chemical insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

  • What are the different ways in which Magic gro can be applied?
    Magic gro can be applied in numerous ways.
    a. Magic gro can either be applied to plants through foliar spray application or directly poured in to the soil. These are highly compatible with drip irrigation system and various spray pumps.
    b. The effects of Magic gro are more pronounced when it is applied on a cloudy day as compared to bright sunny day. The product achieves its maximal efficiency when it is applied either prior to 10:00 AM or post 4:00 PM.
    c. Application of pesticide and insecticide should be avoided for 48 hours before and after the usage of Magic gro.

  • What is the shelf life Magic gro?
    The microbes present in Magic gro are micro-encapsulated and possess a shelf life of two years when stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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