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In the wake of recent environmental concerns jeopardizing the future of the world, Organica Biotech, a company using ecologically conscious biotechnology based environment solutions, based in Mumbai, India, has championed the cause of providing indigenous solutions for wastewater treatment, aquaculture, agriculture, lake bioremediation, animal health care and solid waste management. The novelty and efficiency of our products have gained appreciation worldwide.

We are an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified environment biotech company. The core strength of our company is our R&D department, using environment biotechnology to develop indigenous, eco-friendly solutions for ecological problems. We believe in working towards our goal with compassion, thereby impacting the lives of numerous individuals. Our work is guided by the principles of honesty and integrity. Our team works incessantly to train both farmers and the industrial associates alike about the nuances of our products. With each endeavor, we move towards our goal of bringing a sustainable future.

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd – A complete solution! According to OMICs Company Survey- 2016, Organica Biotech is listed as one of the top 20 Environment Biotech companies in the world.

Why Choose Us


DSIR Certified R&D unit having nearly 2 decades of experience


Highly efficient, state of art & GMP certified manufacturing unit

World’s Best

Listed among the top 20 Environment Biotech companies in the world.


Our agriculture products are validated and certified by ECOCERT, France.

Antibiotic Free

Our aquaculture products are certified by CAA, India as antibiotic free input.


Our products are not only reasonable but meet the standards of highest quality.

Biotech Product Categories

Waste Water Treatment

We provide one stop solution for industrial waste water treatment, septic tank treatment, sewage treatment, biomass analysis, biotoilet, lake bioremediation, Fat and Grease remediation and biotoilets…


We have developed a line of well curated products, which are tailored to end all the sanitation woes successfully.


We have well curated products which meet the complex challenges of commercial agriculture successfully. Our products also facilitate effective solid waste management.


We have products for various diverse sectors including aqua hatcheries, intense aquaculture, aqua gut probiotics, tiger shrimp farming and fish aquaculture…

Animal Healthcare

We provide cattle and poultry probiotics which improve the overall health of these animals…

Homes and Offices

These products care tailored to meet your plant care, aquarium and lavatory cleaning demands…

We have used Organica Biotech’s product, “Bioclean Biotoilet” for improving the sanitation conditions of our construction workers. We are extremely elated with the performance of this product. This has curbed the emission of foul odour and reduced the net sludge volumes. An added advantage of this product is that it is portable and can be transferred easily from one location to another.

– L&T Construction Site-Kolkata

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Case Study

An efficient method of treating waste water in Pharmaceutical Industry

A pharmaceutical industry in South India is a manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, such as Bleomycin, Acyclovir, Aripiprazole, Clarithromycin, etc. Some of the antibiotics used for treating effluent were in fact affecting the growth of microbes present in the effluent treatment plant adversely. Consequently, these failed to curb the COD levels effectively. However, upon the usage of CleanMaxx, a product developed using environment biotechnology, the COD level of the effluent treatment plant was reduced by 87%. Desired MLSS in the range of 3500-4300 mg/L and MLVSS in the range of 2650-3200 mg/L was achieved. Optimum MLVSS:MLSS ratio of 0:7 was attained. The septic condition caused by decaying microbes was circumvented. The plant achieved its maximal efficiency and client is extremely satisfied with the performance of the product. Download Now

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